Jizhong Energy Dongpang Coal Mine Comprehensive Automation System Case


Jizhong Energy Dongpang Coal Mine Comprehensive Automation System Case

1. Project Overview

Dongpang Mine is one of the main mines of Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd., with a coal geological reserve of 400 million tons, and the current annual production capacity can reach 5 million tons. The integrated automation system of Dongpang Mine built by this project embodies the unique characteristics of Dongpang Mine's unique "one mine, four wells and four factories", that is, the first mine is collectively called Dongpang Mine, and the four wells: Dongpang Mine Headquarters, North Well, Shengda Well, Xipang Well, Fourth Plant: Headquarters Coal Preparation Plant, Xipang Coal Preparation Plant, Headquarters Power Plant, Xingdong Power Plant; the connected subsystems involve safety, production and ventilation aspects, forming a whole mine monitoring, control, and management integration Realize the process control automation, integrated production dispatching and command and business operation network of all links of the whole mine production, so that the coal mine can efficiently concentrate production, achieve downsizing and increasing efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall safety and production level of the mine.

2. Project features

  • Downward can monitor the operating status of the equipment in each subsystem and the required production and safety parameters, and can issue control commands to each control subsystem of the mine; upwardly, it can be connected to the group company’s local area network to realize the production and cooperation between the mine and the company. The management information is exchanged in a timely manner, so as to realize the networkization of safety production process control and the modernization of enterprise integrated management.
  • The dispatch center can centrally monitor the electromechanical equipment of each automation system. Some systems and functions in the underground can be unattended. Only the inspectors need to conduct regular inspections and maintenance to realize the integration of management and control of the whole mine.
  • A fast and standard transmission platform has been established to provide safe, advanced and reliable transmission capabilities.
  • With mine construction, the overall planning can be implemented step by step, and it can be upgraded with the development of technology.

3. system architecture

This project can realize the integration of all subsystems composed of configuration software and hardware devices that support OPC standards, such as IFIX, Intouch, Wincc, Siemens S7 series PLC, etc.; for subsystems and hardware devices that do not support OPC standards, as long as It supports standard communication protocols or provides developed data interfaces. KingSCADA can be used as the node and OPC SERVER of the system host computer. For existing systems, it can also be collected and converted into standard OPC SERVER or electric 104 protocol, Modbus. TCP, Asia-Control proprietary special interfaces, etc., realize the unification of interfaces, which is convenient for system maintenance and automated integrated management.

The integrated automation platform of Dongpang Coal Mine is based on the industrial Ethernet network. The data collection of various subsystems, configuration development and maintenance, real-time data display, historical data storage, control room and dispatching room configuration display are closed in the network. The system has features such as server redundancy, server mirroring, distributed point-to-point data transmission, and data caching.