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KingView-A SCADA software with 25+ years of development history.



KingView® is a powerful Windows-based industrial SCADA software for monitoring & controlling industrial processes. With over 25 years of development history, it's now 
been a leading automation software in the Chinese automation software market and the has the largest installation capacity and users in China and has large number of installations and users overseas. KingView is used in various industries and has
achieved the customer’s recognition and reputation in international markets due to its remarkable features such as easy-to-use interface, smooth navigation, web publishing functions, local & remote data visualizations. It features strong IO driver support, multiple device compatibility, customized OEM services, project security, price performance, and many more. KingView 7.5 inherits powerful
functions, stability, and realizability of operations.

  • Nice Graphics display to monitor and Control Production flow System (With Dynamic Animations)
  • Data Collection, Analysis & Management
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn script
  • Perfect Alarm Monitoring & Querying
  • Historical data logging, Report System
  • Open Interfaces to exchange data with other 3rd-party applications
  • Web Publishing- monitor and control wherever

KingView History

With over ten years' improvements, KingView keeps adding new functions and upgrading to newer versions. Its alarm, reports,
historical data storage, data display and web publishing functions are all very powerful and meets user’s needs. Since 2015, there are serveral versions availble in 7.5 series. The latest version is KingView 7.5SP5.

KingView History

KingView Features

Multiple redundancy functions, support dual machine redundancy, dual device redundancy, dual network redundancy and etc.
With high performance, respond within 1 second.

Support multiple communication protocols; support GPRS, SMS, and OPC communication mode.
Embedded script, support timing, triggering and custom functions for flexible extension.
Provide efficient and rich industrial graphics libraries for many specific industries.
A variety of real time and historical trends.
Embedded report system, customized real-time and historical report, provide report wizard, configure the KingHistorian and SQL database reports without scripts.
Powerful alarm system, support real-time printing, SMS-alarm, email-alarm.
Embedded historical database, meet the demands of long-term data storage.
Support Active X control, expand the application easily.
Support SQL, access to all kinds of database.
Support CS and BS structure mode, meet users' demands.
Template, modular configuration unit, improving engineering efficiency.
The opening API interface XML technology, flexible systems integration.
Electronic record & audit trails function according to FDA's specifications 21CFR,Part11 and GMP standard.
Import AutoCAD graphics into the picture of Kingview.
KingView mobile client, new license system, Usability Improvement, workload reduction.

KingView Specifications

KingView provides different editions and specifications to meet various
needs of customers, which are distinguished by different encryption
license key.

Based on Functions
Based on Functions: Development, Runtime, WEBServer ,Kingmobile
Based on Language
Based on Language: English/Chinese Simple/Chinese Traditional/Japanese/Korean
Based on Tags of Development
Based on Tags of Development: 256, 512, Unlimited (60,000)
Based on Tags of Runtime
Based on Tags of Runtime: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, Unlimited (60,000)
Based on Users of WebServer
Based on Users of WebServer: 5, 10, 20, 50, Unlimited.

The opening API interface XML technology, flexible
system integration

XML Language, with its better scalability, normative, readability, compatibility and transmission characteristics make it one of the widely
used languages in enterprise integration and application development.In the development environment of KingView 7.5, it
provides openinterfaces based on XML technique and extensive import and export,and the function of
transferring engineering data to visualizedstandardized XML; also provides the corresponding API interface to
allow to use third-party software platform to develop and configureapplications.

  • All objects in the KingView project, such as variables, equipment,pictures, scripts, and so forth can be transferred by this feature and described easily by XML Language. The project file described by XML format can be imported easily to KingView and run directly without any modification.
  • KingView runtime system provides a complete data access APIinterfaces for real-time, historical data, real-time and historical alarm,which enhances data communication capacity greatly with the thirdparties, and improves the capacity of interconnection among systems and data exchange with the upper management system.

KingView mobile client-adapt to
the need of Mobile Internet era

KingView mobile client product help the manager and the operator
understand and control the production process and the equipment status
everywhere. It helps people get the real-time data and alarm, analysis and
report, and generates all kinds of needed report and trend graphic to realise
mobile office. To make the production process more transparent to the
management, it helps improve management efficiency.

KingView mobile clients can also be installed on the operator’s handheld
terminal to control equipment in real-time with proper authority.

KingView mobile client-adapt
GMP, Electronics Signature & Audit

FDA 21CFR Part 11 Compliance,
GMP, Electronics Signature & Audit

Electronic signature & E-record is a signature that is used to
request the operators in food, pharmaceutical, and other industries
to record all the operations in the production process to standardize
production management. It also has a specific requirement for
configuration software, requests strong security, strict user
authentication, rights management, and auditing measurement to meet
specific security requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 items. All of these
are for standardizing production and reducing production accidents.

KingView Functions

Multiple redundancy functions, support dual machine redundancy, dual device redundancy, dual network redundancy and etc.
With high performance, respond within 1 second.

Graphics Development

“WindowMaker” provides a convenient environment for Graphics
developing with toolkits and gallery.

  • Powerful toolkits, Unlimited Color options and Gradient Color are used to make realistic screens.
  • Rich Gallery Wizards, and the engineers can also build up their personalized gallery.
Graphics Development

Alarm & Event

Alarm system includes definition, management, storage, notification styles, display and querying.

  • Diverse types of alarm, including limit-exceeding, alarm by the rate of change, deviation alarm, etc.
  • Supports Alarm grouping, alarm priority settings to manage a large amount of alarm info
  • Multiple ways to save the alarm: files, database, and printer (for real-time print), etc.
  • Provides multiple ways to notify the alarm: sound, flash, Email notifications, etc. Timely notify the operators to process the alarm info to reduce losses
  • Application event: Operators change tags with data source of DDE or OPC
  • Alarm window displays with various filters such as alarm group
  • Query historical alarm info through alarm window, database querying
  • Operate event: Operators modify tag value or values of other tag fields
  • Enter event: Operators log in to a system or log out
  • Station event: Operators start TouchView or exit in stand-alone or network node
  • Event information can be displayed through the historical alarm window.

Historical Data

KingView can log historical data either into its own historical database or into KingHistorian (a Historian database of WellinTech)

  • For general trend curve graphics, each curve can be defined with its own Y-axis scope and unit, and the Y-axis coordinate can be adjusted its scope according to the data at the cure display region automatically
  • Process the historical data during shutdown time and communication failure
  • Store historical data of I/O tags according to the acquisition time
  • Prompt when the hard disk space is less than the corresponding set value
  • Enhanced the way of storing historical data, faster storage
Historical Data

Historical Trend Curve

Historical data can be displayed as curves through the Historical Trend Curve which is  Active X control provided by WellinTech.

  • Add, delete and hide curves in run-time
  • Multiple types of cruves
  • Infinitely zoom in/out trend curves
  • Compares 2 curves with different curves
  • Supports millisecond-level data display
  • Supports KingView’s historical database, KingHistorian, and ODBC data sources
  • Supports to print out the curves diagram
Historical Trend Curve

More Functions

The KingView as industrial monitoring and control platform provides extensive capabilities starting from data acquisition, internal data storage, external data storage, to data forwarding. Here are the Top 12 functions of KingView.

  • Build-in Report
  • Network Building
  • E-Signature
  • WebService
  • Data Acquisition
  • Web Publishing
  • Redundancy
  • Recipe Management
  • Security & Users
  • 3rd-party Supporting
  • Project Management
  • OPC DA/UA/MQTT/WebServices

KingView Advantages

KingView can log historical data either into its own historical database, relational databases ( MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, etc) as well as into KingHistorian (a Historian database of WellinTech)

  • Supports more than 5000 +protocol drivers as well as 1500 manufacturers. 
  • Various ways of third-party data access, easy to use.
  • Widely used in many industries solutions, solutions that help to improve efficiency.
  • Great continuity in usage habit, product style, engineering compatibility in each version, reduce the cost of learning and maintenance.
  • Great security, precaution for data exchange, no matter in or out.
  • Excellent technical service team who are responsible to solve all your technical issues in a time-bound manner.

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