WellinTech exhibited solutions for various industries in the exhibition area of the Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAS) at the 21st China International Industry Fair which was held in Shanghai on September 21, 2019.

    At this CIIF, WellinTech unveiled KingFusion3.5-an intelligent manufacturing execution software(MES) platform-a configuration-based development, rapid modeling, integrated management and control, cloud-side integration, and many other technical highlights. In addition, more electronic materials, furniture manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, textile, chemical, automobile manufacturing, energy, municipal water treatment, water dispatching, urban heating, and other 19+ industry solutions were displayed on-site with unique technological charm and power. The comprehensive platform functions perfectly seized the focus of the audience and became one of the biggest highlights of this year's CIIF; for five days, the audience who came to visit the booth of  WellinTech was in constant flow.

WellinTech Intelligent Manufacturing Software Platform: KingFusion3.5

Today's MES systems are mostly customized development methods through high-level languages and relational libraries. This has problems such as scarcity of developers, long development cycles, difficult migration, and poor stability. At the same time, there is a lack of real-time data and a complete planning and scheduling system.

  KingFusion3.5, as the world's first fully-configured platform with integrated management and control, fills the configurable gap of the production management. Based on the model and Spatio-temporal database, the visual configuration development system is used to efficiently build an MES system, connect with ERP, PLM, and WMS, access real-time data, realize APS and ALS and realize true management and control integration.

Various intelligent product solutions  were displayed by WellinTech at CIIF 2019. Let's have a look at a few of them.

WellinTech's Energy Management System Product Solution 

The product solution of WellinTech's Energy Management System visually displays the flow of energy and clarifies each level by means of centralized control large-screen display, alarm key energy-using equipment, load monitoring, energy consumption analysis, energy abnormal warning, parameter alarm and push and other means of energy consumption and loss status, know where the “energy” is consumed, and the system can realize rapid online configuration of the system, expanded data collection and distributed deployment to assist enterprises in achieving lean management and control of energy consumption.

WellinTech's Water Plant Production Information Management System Product Solution 

WellinTech's Water Plant Production Information Management System Solution integrates the monitoring subsystem and business management system functions, opens up information islands, and realize interconnection; have in-depth application analysis capabilities to transform basic data into production index data; realize reports, Electronic management of process (repair application, process approval, control approval, etc.), dispatching instructions, etc.; auxiliary dispatching management, analyzing process indicators, ensuring output, quality, energy-saving, and reducing consumption, achieving efficient and scientific management.

WellinTech's Water Management and Scheduling System Solution

Using advanced water conservancy and information technology, automatic data collection, remote automatic control of on-site management stations, virtual reality and model simulation, broadband network, big data processing, and analysis, intelligent information extraction, dynamic interoperability, geographic information systems, etc. As the technical foundation, it has realized the comprehensive improvement of the processing capacity of water dispatching and other businesses, the automation of the water delivery process, the safety of the entire water delivery line, and the modernization of enterprise management.

WellinTech's Smart Heating Energy Consumption Management Information System Product Solution

Real-time tracking and timely adjustment of energy consumption data were carried out. At the same time, an energy consumption assessment index system and historical retrospective analysis were developed, which improved the management level of the enterprise and the enthusiasm of personnel and finally realized energy saving and consumption reduction and reduced enterprise costs.

WellinTech's Intelligent Production Management System Solutions for the PCB Industry

As an important part of the information system, the EMCS system not only integrates data on the production line equipment but also lays the foundation for the realization of a data factory. At the same time, it can communicate with MES, ERP, and other platforms to assist the production management of the enterprise.

WellinTech's Intelligent Production Management System Solutions for the Lithium Battery Industry

The intelligent production management system solution (MES system) of the lithium battery industry is committed to opening up the connection between the production site process control layer and the lithium battery material company operation management from the six dimensions of production progress, quality, energy consumption, material consumption, equipment, and personnel, and promote The automation of the information flow between the production process system and the lithium battery material enterprise operating system, thereby forming big data resources such as enterprise production data, process parameters, and quality data. Through data analysis and mining, the production and manufacturing network in the lithium battery cathode material industry is improved, Digital and intelligent level, and gradually realize intelligent manufacturing.

WellinTech's Chemical Enterprise Safety Production Comprehensive Management Platform 

It is a product for enterprises that faces the field of safety production supervision and provides full-process monitoring and safety services for the production process of enterprises. Through the construction of the platform, the group can realize the dynamic control of the production information, safety, and environmental protection, and emergency events of each branch, so that the company management can accurately and comprehensively understand the operation status of the factory, strengthen the management of emergencies, and operate for the company management Provide strong support for decision-making.

WellinTech's Energy Management and Control Platform for Coal & Chemical Enterprises

Establish a unified energy management and control center to realize information sharing, from static management of production equipment and energy equipment to dynamic analysis and real-time management, to achieve a comprehensive balance of multiple energy media. To realize the management of the enterprise: economically, cost reduction and efficiency increase take the lead; management, controllable, visible, and traceable. Make the energy of the entire enterprise visible, controllable, and lower. Clarify the assessment system of business departments at all levels and continuously improve and tap the energy-saving potential of enterprises.

In addition to so many wonderful program displays, WellinTech also made a stunning appearance in multiple conferences and has received extensive attention from industry experts in the global manufacturing industry, Chinese and foreign audiences, the media, and all sectors of society.

The 18th MES Development and Application Symposium

2019 5th International Summit on Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

2019 Zhihui Shanghai Innovation Leader-Digital Solution Forum

WellinTech's KingFusion3.5 platform won the CEC 2019 Best Product Award

As the world's leading supplier of intelligent manufacturing software platforms, WellinTech is helping enterprises to achieve new industrialization and upgrading. As the main driving force for the future development of manufacturing enterprises, intelligent manufacturing software platforms have gradually occupied a leading position in the information age. If enterprises want to achieve the integration of informationization and industrialization, they must continuously upgrade and transform existing automated production lines. Keep the pulse of the development of intelligent manufacturing. With perfect technology and high-quality and thoughtful services, WellinTech will help the global discrete and process manufacturing industry complete the transformation and upgrading, and help enterprises achieve the perfect integration of industrialization and informationization.

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