WellinTech Co., Ltd held a ceremony in Beijing on July 21, 2017 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WellinTech.

As an industrial automation software company with the largest market share of automation software in China, the celebration was grand and attracted the attention of the industry; the celebration adopted the real-time shooting on the network platform for simultaneous live broadcast and the number of viewers watching online at the same time exceeded 10,000+.

The celebration began with a speech by Mr. Lin Wei, the founder of WellinTech. As the founder of Beijing WellinTech Co., Ltd, Mr. Lin Wei, in his speech, reviewed retrospectively and historically the arduous journey from the beginning of the company’s establishment to its development and growth. Mr. Lin Wei pointed out that WellinTech has grown from a gradual rise to becoming the number one brand in China’s automation software industry. Not only because of WellinTech's excellent product quality, but it is also due to the inseparable and tremendous hard work of generations by WellinTech people. Every WellinTech person should be grateful to customers and society.

Mr. Lin Wei-Founder of WellinTech Co., Ltd

Han Jining, an "old employee" who has worked for WellinTech for many years, took the stage to tell the"story" between himself and WellinTech.

Han Jining

Mr. Li Heng(Eric LI), Director of WellinTech's Overseas Division, delivered a speech, as a witness of the company's development, telling the story of WellinTech's "20 years".

Mr. Li Heng( Eric Li)-Director of Overseas Division

Mr. Zhang Jinqiang, General Manager of the WellinTech Municipal Business Division, spoke on behalf of the company's outstanding employees. As one of the company's best employees, what he said the most was "I love WellinTech".

Mr. Zhang Jinqiang

Next mentioned a few of the performances prepared by WellinTech employees from different branches and divisions. For this celebration, all WellinTech departments planned, rehearsed, and performed beautifully to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company.

As the leader of localized industrial automation configuration software, WellinTech Co., Ltd has spent 20 years since its establishment in 1997. WellinTech Technology has been pursuing product innovation, market innovation, and service innovation for many years, and sincerely accepts the corporate philosophy of "customer first", actively explores domestic and foreign markets, and creates more value for customers all over the world.