Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software refers to a system that remotely monitors and controls all the automated processes in a variety of factories or industries. Manufacturers always utilize SCADA software to retain tabs on operations which need a superior level real-time data acquisition as well as supervisory control. SCADA will offer many advantages to a variety of applications and industries where the facility owners may smoothly make integration of SCADA systems to any production equipment. SCADA systems may also control many domestic applications like home security systems, smart fridge, etc. Some of the major industries which make use of SCADA are food and beverage, chemicals, Automotive, power and energy, oil and gas, and many more.

Top SCADA Components for Data Collection

SCADA components

Rather than collecting the complete data and filing it physically, SCADA will automate everything by compiling and delivering data about the production processes of facilities to the central hub. SCADA usually consists of five major components as given below.

Field instrumentation

Field instrumentation means an array of transmitters and monitors on the factory floor which are used by the SCADA applications. All these sensors will find any changes in processes or productivity along with sending them to a central hub. Field instrumentation will arise in many forms like machine vision systems, temperature, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, energy monitors, and many more.

Field controllers (RTUs/PLCs)

Field controllers like RTUs or PLCs will gather and compile all the information provided by the field instrumentation, allowing it to display and analyze through a human machine interface. RTUs will depend on microprocessors for converting information gathered from sensors into usable information mainly for the central hub. PLCs will work more locally that allows users to directly interface with the sensors and make any modifications without showing effect on the complete SCADA system.

Field Controllers

Human-machine interface (HMI)

HMI devices are the important units which will let people monitor the data acquisition process of the SCADA. The HMI is the central processor of the system that helps users in regulating and modifying the system as required. Operators will also utilise HMIs for interacting with the collected data by making use of graphical user interfaces like computer monitors and also compile detailed reports for the future use.

Human Machine Interface

Network connectivity (Field buses, protocols, etc.)

The SCADA system will depend on supporting integrated network connectivity all over its operation. Facilities may achieve it by making use of wired lines as well as wireless alternatives. This can be done through connection of conversion units with the master unit via either the internet or landlines. Most of the facilities will have specialized networks on which they usually run the entire SCADA operations. By this way they can secure their system without getting interfered with from various other applications and unusual disturbances. Edge gateway products will offer safe and secure access to authorized devices and users even from a remote area.

Database or historian (cloud or on-premise)

After making a clear analysis of the complete data collected by the SCADA system, then it is required to physically as well as digitally secure some places in order to store it. This historian software will gather time-stamped information which is in the HMI that assists you in making it into a proper format even before getting stored in a database. Many systems will also utilize the web-based applications or structured query language (SQL) in order enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems as well as integrate manufacturing execution systems (MESs) to make it simpler for converting data between various parts of the network.


By using SCADA software it is very easy to monitor many critical issues within the organization as well as access the resulting information or data in a simple manner. Wellintech is a top automation software company in Beijing, China which developed various products like KingSCADA, KingFusion, KingHistorian, etc. It offers SCADA software in order to assist universities establish wellintech software joint labs.