Case Study of Comprehensive Automation System in Danhou Coal Mine


Case Study of Comprehensive Automation System in Danhou Coal Mine

1. Project Overview

Shanhou Mine is located in Yongquanzhuang Township, Yu County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. It is 4.6 kilometers long from east to west and 6.6 kilometers long from north to south. The total area is about 30 square kilometers. The coal types are mainly low-ash, medium-ash, low-sulfur, and low-phosphorus. Long flame coal and a small amount of non-caking coal generally have a calorific value of 28.89-29.31MJ/kg. According to statistics, the geological reserve is 313.74Mt, the recoverable reserve is 177.08Mt; the design production capacity is 1.5Mt/a, and the service life is 81.4a. It is one of the five pairs of mines under the overall planning and construction of Kailuan (Group) Co., Ltd. in the Yuzhou mining area. It is the first large modern mine built by Kailuan after the Yuzhou mining area was merged into Kailuan (Group). The construction of Shanhou Mine is also a key construction project determined by Hebei Province in 2004.

2. Project features

  • Data isolation
  • Integrate different control systems into one platform
  • Achieve efficient process data storage
  • System architecture with high reliability

3. system architecture

The main objects included in the system are as follows: central pump room, east wing belt, west wing belt, ventilator, uphole sorting system, main shaft hoisting system, auxiliary shaft hoisting system, screening system, coal blending and loading system, underground power supply system , Well on the power supply system, sewage treatment system.