Water plant production management system solution


Water plant production management system solution

1. Program overview

With the gradual increase in the demand for equipment management and production analysis, the daily management based on the production network and the data interaction of the control network are becoming more and more extensive, involving the SCADA monitoring system and multiple business subsystems, making management difficult. The water plant production management system came into being with the improvement of the automation level of the water treatment industry and the continuous expansion of application requirements. It is positioned on the SCADA monitoring system, running on the production network, and effectively combining production process data and business management data Get up, open up information islands, realize the unification of production process data and business data in the office LAN, and improve the production management level of the water plant.

2. Project highlights

  • In the production network, seamless connection with the automatic control system and the transformation and distribution system is realized.
  • For equipment asset management, realize the digital management of equipment ledger.
  • According to equipment big data analysis, realize intelligent reminder of equipment maintenance
  • Repair and maintenance process management, historical operation, there are traces to follow.
  • All kinds of running reports are automatically generated to avoid man-made missed copy and false statistics.
  • The repair application process is digitalized and streamlined, and the process is automatically dispatched.

3.system architecture

4. system function

Realize seamless connection with SCADA system and power distribution system, and manage production and operation information
Equipment asset management, realize the digitization of equipment account, and record the changes of equipment information in time

Enter key data to generate equipment ledger records. Record equipment type, serial number, name, installation location, installation time, manufacturer, service life, etc.

The equipment ledger supports modification and deletion operations (with permission restrictions), and supports exporting files and printing operations.

The equipment ledger supports filtering and query by conditions.

Enter key data to generate equipment maintenance records and equipment maintenance ledger records.

Supports modification and deletion operations (with permission constraints), and supports exporting files and printing operations.

Support filtering and querying by conditions.

Equipment repair, process approval

Realize the digital repair process, process automatic dispatch, monitoring process status, maintenance status input, process end, and finally feedback maintenance opinions, etc. The system automatically records the related operations of each process.

Automatically generate production statistics report

The system automatically generates required production operation reports and various statistical reports (daily, monthly, quarterly, annual reports, etc.), and supports operations such as modification, saving, printing, and exporting of Excel files.

Business system integration interface

To meet the needs of business expansion, the system develops communication interfaces to support the integration or expansion of other business systems.

Office System

Mainly get the released news, announcement information, etc.

Warehouse Management System

Mainly obtain inventory statistics and spare parts consumption statistics.

Personnel and labor system

Mainly obtain attendance management information.

Financial system

Mainly obtain energy consumption, medicine consumption, equipment loss and other related cost information.

5. Program summary

  • Realize the safety isolation of the control network and office network, avoid network attacks or illegal network intrusion caused damage to the production of water plants, thereby ensuring the safety of drinking water.
  • Real-time access to the basic operation information required by the management: control network SCADA system data, transformation and distribution data, etc., and has in-depth application analysis capabilities.
  • Integrate monitoring SCADA systems and business management systems, such as file management, maintenance procedures, maintenance records, warehouse management, financial systems, office systems, etc., to open up the information chain, and better integrate real-time data and various systems to maximize existing There are systematic functions to facilitate company management.
  • The system provides a variety of standard industrial interfaces and an expandable network architecture to provide the possibility for continuous development.