Solution of SCADA Monitoring System in Water Plant


Solution of SCADA Monitoring System in Water Plant

1. Program overview

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, water plants in major cities in China are gradually developing towards the direction of "safe water supply, scientific management and high-quality service". Therefore, how to improve the quality of water supply, achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction, and achieve efficient management is the primary problem faced by water plants. In addition, it is more and more important for water works to improve the level of automation and informatization.

2. Program highlights

The monitoring system adopts redundant configuration system. From data acquisition to SCADA monitoring, it adopts dual redundancy mode to ensure the safety of the system.

With a variety of equipment models and data models, it can quickly generate process flow graphs, various reports, trends and various complex calculation objects, greatly reducing the amount of development of engineers.

Using a complete and powerful historical inventory retrieval server and calculation and analysis platform can effectively store historical data, and provide a convenient platform for data analysis, which is convenient for managers to analyze historical data.

3. System architecture

4. System functions

Support capability of hardware device

It supports more than 1500 kinds of hardware equipment communication at home and abroad, and can quickly establish stable communication with hardware equipment manufactured by many different manufacturers, including PLC, intelligent module, intelligent instrument, etc.

Real time production data display

The system has powerful graphic development tools, gorgeous graphic objects, rich attribute settings and animation connections, making three-dimensional display effect, and displaying data in graphics to the fullest.

Alarm information and event management
Comparative analysis of trend curve
Automatically generate production run Report
Equipment operation management

5. Scheme summary

  • Communication with the PLC and instrument in the process link to collect real-time data quickly.
  • Ensure data integrity, diagnose acquisition link and communication network, realize redundancy function based on real-time data, historical data and alarm data, and realize fast switching in case of abnormality.
  • Conduct visual and lifelike display (such as animation, report, trend, etc.) of measured data and state, carry out various alarm and early warning detection, and adopt various ways to realize alarm notification.
  • A large number of high-density process data are compressed and stored with high performance, calculated and analyzed based on historical data, and production scheduling is optimized.
  • In the Internet or LAN, real-time, historical, alarm and other data will be published, and users with certain permissions can browse the system through ie.
  • The system has a professional library of water industry, which is convenient for standardized engineering design.