City Gas Dispatching Management Solution


City Gas Dispatching Management Solution

1. Program overview

With the development of natural gas industry, the urban gas transmission and distribution network in China has developed into a large and complex network system consisting of multi-source gas supply and multi-level pressure network. With the continuous expansion of the scale of urban gas pipeline network, the manual management mode and management means have been unable to meet the production requirements at this stage, and the emergency response capacity and handling efficiency are difficult to meet the requirements of rapid development of urban construction. In order to meet the requirements of dispatching and commanding the urban gas production process and establish a digital and information-based City, a reliable urban gas production command system is needed.

The scheme integrates the advanced computer technology and industrial control technology, and can realize the monitoring, management and scheduling of the whole process of gas intake, metering, transmission and distribution, and pressure regulation. Through the automatic collection, classification, transmission, sorting, analysis and storage of the production information network status, scientific means are provided for the optimal scheduling, gas supply prediction, fault analysis and auxiliary decision-making of the network transmission and distribution. Its application will make the gas production, transmission and distribution management more safe, accurate and efficient.

2. Program highlights

Rich and exquisite Drawing Library: provide special drawing library for gas industry, greatly saving project development time;

Map display: the map intuitively displays the information of pipeline network and stations, and monitors the overall situation of gas transmission and distribution in real time;

Professional alarm management: preset a variety of alarm schemes, automatic switching, one button alarm shielding and setting, adapt to a variety of environments and processes, convenient for on-site debugging and maintenance;

Load forecasting :accurate gas supply, cost saving;.

3. System architecture

Urban gas SCADA system is a distributed computer acquisition and monitoring network with configuration software (kingscada), industrial Library (kinghistorian) and controller as the core and various communication modes as well as operation and management functions. SCADA system can be divided into three parts: dispatching center system, station system and communication system.

4. System functions

4.1 map information browsing

Combined with the map, the network information of the pipe network, including the pipeline direction, valve position and function, station position (click the station to display real-time operation data), is displayed on the network map, and the overall situation of the gas transmission and distribution changes of each station is dynamically displayed in real-time digital and graphic way.

4.2 process monitoring

The process picture includes process display of gate station, regulator station, gas station, transmission and distribution station, bulk user, etc. through the process picture, relevant information and equipment operation of the station can be obtained in real time.

4.3 alarm and event functions

4.3.1 alarm management

Display all kinds of alarm information in real time, so that the operator can grasp the abnormal changes of system parameters in the first time. According to the process and environment, a variety of alarm modes are preset, and the system automatically judges the conditions.

4.3.2 event record and query

In case of major situation (equipment failure, over limit alarm, start and stop of important equipment) of the system, or the operator's operation and parameter adjustment of the equipment, the relevant situation can be recorded through the event recording function. Event record not only includes event information, operation user and event time, but also records all data or conditions related to the event to the database for future accident follow-up analysis and equipment operation analysis.

4.4 production report

It can automatically query daily, monthly, annual report and financial meter reading to understand the operation trend of each station. Improve work efficiency and avoid manual input error. Reports can be exported and printed.

4.5 treatment of transmission difference

Automatically generate the area transmission difference report, determine the causes of the transmission difference (metering deviation, pipe network leakage, low meter reading rate, illegal gas use, etc.), and provide the corresponding solutions to reduce the loss of the enterprise.

4.6 load forecasting

Meteorological data is the main condition of affecting gas consumption. Combined with meteorological data and related algorithm, gas supply prediction is carried out. It can provide basis for gas source production plan, pipe network maintenance plan and transmission and distribution scheduling, improve operation efficiency, save energy and reduce cost.

4.7 gas declaration

Through the application and management of bulk users' gas consumption, the purpose of accurate gas purchase plan can be achieved. Every day, the user applies for gas use in advance, and the gas dispatching center approves the application. After approval, the application can be filed for future inquiry.

The dispatching center of the gas company needs to review the declared gas consumption, give the approval result and send it to the user end as the reference basis for the delivery of both parties.

4.8 trend curve

The trend query and comparison of relevant parameters can be carried out, and the analysis results can be displayed more intuitively.

4.9 equipment account

Provide RTU, flowmeter, camera, electronic fence equipment account and maintenance record query, support data update. It is convenient for maintenance, statistical analysis of equipment, storage and display of analysis results.

4.10 video linkage

SCADA system can integrate video monitoring system to realize unified monitoring of production and video. When there is a fault, it can automatically display the scene of dispatching through video linkage to make comprehensive decision. At the same time, the accident playback can be carried out, and the corresponding time video screen can be retrieved according to the accident node.

4.11 electronic fence monitoring

Provide schematic diagram of the station, monitor the safety around the station and prevent invasion. Once the intrusion occurs, the system will alarm in time, and carry out alarm linkage, call the screen, remind the dispatcher to deal with it in time.

4.12 safety management

SCADA system has priority and security area and other authority management methods, which can realize authority authentication such as alarm confirmation and data browsing.

4.13 website publishing

Without any conversion, the project can release the scene picture completely, realize the remote ie browsing, and facilitate the user to monitor the running status of the field equipment in real time. At the same time, it provides mobile client, supports mobile app, and enables browsing anytime, anywhere.

5. Scheme summary

The system provides a complete solution for the gas dispatching management system, improves the degree of gas automatic management, makes the production process management more precise, avoids the production waste and saves the cost.