Tire inner liner production line monitoring system solution


Tire inner liner production line monitoring system solution

1. Program overview

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for automobiles is increasing, and the requirements for automobile quality are getting higher and higher. As the main components of automobiles, the quality of tires has also attracted people's attention. As an important part of the tire, the inner liner greatly affects the quality of the tire. The inner liner is the innermost layer of the tire. For a tire with a tube, its main function is to reduce the friction between the tire carcass and the tube, and prevent air and moisture from penetrating into the carcass; for a tubeless tire, the inner liner The layer maintains the pressure in the tire cavity. Therefore, a good quality inner liner is required to have good air tightness, good adhesion to the carcass cord, uniformity and aging resistance.

The liner production line relies on advances in hardware technology and computer technology, and the level of automation is becoming more mature. Kingview software, as the leading domestic automation software, provides strong support for it, which greatly guarantees the accurate and orderly work of each link of the production line. This article will introduce the application of KingView software in the liner production line.

2. Project Features

  • The friendly interface and intuitive data display make the on-site working status and equipment operating status clear at a glance.
  • The setting, calling and execution of formulas can easily meet the needs of producing tires of different specifications.
  • Automatically alarm and activate the warning function to ensure that when the working pace of each device in the production line is inconsistent, it will promptly remind the operator to minimize the loss.

3. system architecture

This system uses PLC as the controller, and configures KingView software as the upper computer monitoring software to realize the status monitoring and process control of the various components of the lining production line. In this system, it is divided into three layers. The equipment layer is composed of frequency converters, servo drives and sensors. The field equipment transmits data to the field control layer through the communication bus. The control layer is composed of Siemens 300 series PLC. The control program is designed through programming software to realize the monitoring and control of the position, speed, temperature, pressure, tension, thickness and other parameters of the various parts on the site, and can switch a variety of working methods, such as manual operation and automatic process control. The on-site monitoring layer adopts KingView software of Asia Control, which has simple configuration and flexible configuration. In this system, the monitoring layer deploys a set of KingView software, collects the data in the controller through the field bus, and easily records historical data and alarm information. At the same time, it can be used by the operator through the WEB publishing function of the software. , Engineers can grasp the production situation on site anytime and anywhere within the network coverage and carry out fault maintenance in time.

The system configuration diagram is as follows: