Large-scale mail distribution center production and equipment monitoring system


Large-scale mail distribution center production and equipment monitoring system

1. Program overview

Logistics is an important part of enterprise production. The sorting system plays a role as a link between the previous and the next in the logistics system. The advantages and disadvantages of the sorting system directly affect the normal and effective circulation of the entire logistics supply chain. With the rapid development of science and technology, modern sorting systems need to make full use of computer control technology and information technology to efficiently and reliably obtain and manage real-time data of various sorting equipment, and continuously improve the automation and intelligence level of logistics sorting. Improve sorting efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers, and realize stable, reliable, accurate and fast sorting.

2. Program highlights

  • Three-dimensional multi-view effect: Through KingGraphic, the complex production scene of the mail sorting center is truly displayed, allowing users to understand the real-time production status more intuitively and conveniently.
  • Web system integration: KingGraphic integrates with the Web system developed by the customer's JAVA. KingHisotrian provides a JAVA interface, which solves the unified management of users and realizes one-time login.
  • Historical playback: KingGraphic, as the screen display platform of KingHistorian, dynamically displays the historical data stored in KingHistorian in chronological order through KingGraphic, restoring the production process before and after equipment failures and accidents, helping users to achieve screen playback and accident recall.
  • Personnel scheduling management: Based on field experience, production management personnel can estimate the manpower and equipment required for each batch of mail processing, so as to realize the scheduling management of sorting personnel.

3. system architecture

As shown in the figure, the monitoring system of the distributed sorting center can be divided into a two-level distributed system, the monitoring center is the second level, and the field workstation is the first level. The monitoring center is responsible for calculating and processing the real-time data collected from each sorting equipment, and displaying it to system managers and customers through the monitoring center workstation. The field workstation is composed of the user's original monitoring system, and is mainly responsible for storing the collected field data in the database.

The system uses the industrial real-time database KingHistorian to store the production process data in the production process. KingHistorian's data is analyzed and processed through KingGraphic, a data display platform supporting KingHistorian, and displayed to users through animation effects, reports, curves, bar graphs, and pie charts; KingGraphic can also analyze historical data and press historical data Time for historical playback to realize the functions of screen playback and accident recall.

In order to ensure the stability and safety of the system, the industrial real-time database KingHistorian uses hardware redundancy. When the working KingHistorian server is abnormal, the KingHistorian redundant server immediately takes over it and continues to work to ensure normal data collection and query.

In order to ensure the stability and security of WEB publishing of the system, KingHistorian mirror server is redundant by hardware. When the working KingHistorian mirror server is abnormal, KingHistorian mirror redundant server immediately takes over it and continues to work, ensuring that WEB publishing data collection and query are carried out normally .