Solution of dynamic monitoring information system for industrial explosives on-site


Solution of dynamic monitoring information system for industrial explosives on-site

1. Program overview

As the country’s basic industry, the civilian blasting equipment industry is widely used in mining, railways, roads, water conservancy and hydropower projects, infrastructure construction and many other fields of the national economy. Therefore, the civilian blasting industry is called "the energy and foundation of the energy industry The foundation of industry".

The civilian explosion industry is one of the few industries in my country that is strictly regulated by the government. In seemingly highly regulated industries, safety accidents occur frequently. In order to improve the safety factor of the civil explosives industry, the state has promoted the "Industrial explosives on-site mixed loading vehicle dynamic monitoring information system" in policy, which is of great significance to the realization of the "12th Five-Year Plan" civil explosives industry integration goal.

The acceptance of the dynamic monitoring information system for the on-site mixed loading vehicle of industrial explosives shall be one of the important contents of the acceptance of the on-site mixed loading vehicle construction project, and the acceptance shall be carried out with reference to the relevant national regulations. For projects that fail the acceptance check, no production safety license shall be granted.

2. Program highlights

Highlight the comparative advantages and technological innovation of the program, and put it forward in the form of keywords or key points, generally 3 to 5 points are appropriate.

Automatic data collection system:
  • Real-time monitoring of dynamic information of mixed trucks
  • Automatically collect and store production data
  • The data is accurate and reliable, the measurement error is less than 2%
  • Regular data reporting.
  • The production information is encrypted and decrypted with the 3DES algorithm.
  • FTP file transfer protocol automatically reports data
Data Exchange System:
  • Summarize production data and report data automatically
  • Unattended, automatically turn on and send data
  • Power failure data can be automatically saved, restored, and reissued automatically
  • Satellite positioning system: automatic positioning, automatic timing
Vehicle video surveillance system:
  • Store video images for 90 days for future reference
  • Support rich video controls

3. system architecture