Smart heating information management solution


Smart heating information management solution

For the heating industry integrators and heating companies, the comprehensive monitoring and management of heating production scheduling is carried out. The management and control platform guided by the concept of safe production eliminates the previous information islands, and realizes the interconnection of multiple systems, and the management mode is electronic, intelligent, and feasible. It is highly maintainable, safe and stable, and can achieve management and control services that save energy, reduce consumption, and reduce costs.

1. Product function introduction

Main functions of this product:

(1) At the beginning of heating, set performance evaluation plan indicators for each station;

(2) Calculate and compare real-time water, electricity, and heat in hourly, daily, monthly, and heating seasons with planned indicators, remind sites that exceed the standard, and provide site adjustment and scheduling suggestions, and the examinee can keep abreast of site conditions and adjust in time ;

(3) Display energy consumption reports, energy consumption rankings, energy costs, and performance appraisal conclusions through historical analysis plans. The display methods support diversified forms such as reports, bar graphs, and broken lines;

(4) Through ranking and report results, combining reward and punishment strategies, KPI indicators, give energy consumption rewards and punishment results. Realize the association of each employee with energy consumption;

(5) Support the docking with third-party systems such as customer service system and charging system;

(6) Support the acquisition and distribution of real-time data of KingSCADA monitoring software;

(7) Support mobile office, managers can also access energy consumption data on their mobile phones, and view them anytime and anywhere;

(8) Support large-screen monitoring equipment or production-related situations.

2. Product value/highlights

The feature highlights of this solution are as follows:

(1) "One picture" application and "3D visualization" display based on real-time data;

(2) Business construction of smart heating MES system based on lean management requirements;

(3) Web page-based configuration technology, using the existing components of the system, through configuration configuration, quickly realize business functions;

(4) Real-time data in smart devices can be directly obtained through the data acquisition module, and real-time data-based equipment operation status management can be realized;

(5) Web-based visual client display interface, using Html5+JS technology, can support PC side, and smart mobile terminal equipment browsing and application;

(6) The system has strong scalability, adopts model technology, and has established corresponding models for various data and visual graphics of the equipment, and can quickly generate equipment objects and expand system applications when used;

(7) The system has good security, unauthorized users cannot browse or operate the page, and the data transmission adopts encryption;

(8) It has realized the main business functions of coal mine safety management and control, and can provide rapid deployment and application for coal mine production units.

Three, product interface

Four, application cases

XX Energy Technology Co., Ltd., XX Thermal Power Group, XX Smart Energy Group, XX Thermal Power Company. Case company introduction: XX Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the dispatch and operation of new thermal power stations. The heating area is nearly 10 million square meters, and about 100 stations will be managed in the 2019 heating season.

In 2017, the company took the lead in proposing the concept of "precise heating", aiming to provide accurate load forecasting based on digital, networked, and intelligent information technology facilities, combining management data based on user needs.

The company operates under a contract energy management model, and realizes energy-saving optimized scheduling through the advanced management concept of combining scheduling with energy consumption and real-time regulation.

Case appeals/pain points:

(1) Manually calculate energy consumption, with poor accuracy and high cost;

(2) Energy consumption indicators cannot be scheduled in real time;

(3) The real-time performance of energy consumption statistics is poor, and real-time scheduling is not possible;

(4) The terminal room temperature and weather forecast cannot be scheduled in real time;

(5) Lack of a management system that combines corporate management models;

(6) Multiple systems operate independently, and information islands.

Implementation functions and effects: By building a data warehouse, collecting and storing data from each station and realizing data analysis, display and calculation. Finally, the enterprise policy of high starting point, high technology, high quality, high efficiency and high benefit will be realized.