LNG/CNG gas station monitoring system


LNG/CNG gas station monitoring system

1. Program overview

With the widespread application of natural gas and the continuous maturity of LNG/CNG technology, the investment and construction of LNG/CNG small and medium-sized gas stations are getting faster and faster.

As a leading domestic automation software manufacturer, Yakong provides a reliable software platform for LNG/CNG refueling stations, builds a safe and efficient LNG/CNG station-level monitoring system, and realizes the operation automation, process visualization, and management standardization of the refueling station. The construction of centralized monitoring of filling stations has laid a solid foundation.

2. Project highlights

  • Thousands of drive support, easy to realize the communication with the field controller and intelligent instrument;
  • The reusability of the project is strong, which greatly saves the system configuration time and makes the system implementation convenient and quick;
  • The open software platform not only integrates the station-level monitoring system, gas dispenser management system, video system and vehicle management system, but also provides a wealth of interfaces to provide a strong guarantee for the construction of the information center.

3. system architecture

4. system function

4.1 Screen display

The working status of main equipment such as storage tanks, pipelines, valves, and gas vending machines are displayed in real time with dynamic graphics and colors. On-site operators can understand the working conditions of the equipment in the operating room in time and reduce the risk factor.

4.2 Data storage and report query

For the LNG/CNG station control system, it can realize complete equipment operation data recording, generate reports for pressure, temperature, concentration, valve status and other parameters, and print and archive it in time or real-time. The collected historical data can also be stored in an external database , Realize the data file tracking, and can realize accurate, convenient and fast query. The system has functions such as natural gas flow calculation, vehicle information identification and recording, transmission and distribution optimization scheduling management, and can be connected with the enterprise information management system to realize data interaction.

4.3 Trend Curve

Trend analysis is an indispensable function of monitoring software. The system provides strong support and simple control methods for this function. Trend curves can be divided into real-time curves and historical curves.

4.4 Alarm display and record

It has superior alarm functions, including over-limit alarm, rate of change alarm, dead zone alarm, data change alarm event alarm, etc. The alarm parameters can be modified online to meet the different alarm requirements of the system. Alarm variables in the system can be grouped and managed, allowing system operators to handle alarms in an orderly manner. The alarm information of the system is classified and stored in three ways: file, database and real-time printer printing, and can realize the query based on the conditions of alarm group, variable name, time period, alarm type, etc., to realize the tracking of the working process of the gas station, which is the accident Recall provides the basis.

4.5 Security Management

The safe operation of the gas filling station is very important, which puts forward higher requirements for the safety of the monitoring system. The system adopts a dual protection strategy of classification and partition.

4.6 WEB release

The IE client maintains efficient data synchronization with the Web server. Through the network, the same screen, data display, report display, alarm display, etc. can be obtained from any place on the Web server. At the same time, each LNG/CNG can be refilled conveniently and quickly. The station sends out control commands on site to realize the function of real-time control.

5. Program summary

The LNG/CNG gas station monitoring system, which is matched with Yakong monitoring software, is favored by enterprise users for its perfect human-computer interaction, stable system operation, good compatibility, and ease of use and scalability. The monitoring system not only meets the actual needs of gas station monitoring, but also lays a solid foundation for realizing real-time, effective, and comprehensively systematic information management and monitoring of the enterprise, and improving the safety level and comprehensive automation level of the enterprise.