Large port crane safety monitoring system solution


Large port crane safety monitoring system solution

1. Industry development trend

On April 3, 2014, the General Office of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the General Office of the State Administration of Work Safety jointly issued a work notice to the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, the Work Safety Administration and other relevant units. Requirements: Since 2014 From July 1st, the manufacturing and installation unit shall be responsible for the newly manufactured general gantry cranes of 100 tons and above, shipyard portal cranes of 60 tons and above, port portal cranes of 60 tons and above, and ordinary tower cranes of 315 ton meters and above. On the crane, a safety monitoring and management system is installed in accordance with the "Lifting Machinery Safety Monitoring and Management System" (GB/T28264-2012). The manufacturer and installation unit shall not install the above products without additional safety monitoring management system.

2. the solution

The large port crane safety monitoring system adopts our company's industrial automation general configuration software KingView, which is a modern crane comprehensive information management platform integrating real-time monitoring, fault alarm, data logging, fault analysis, equipment maintenance, and operation statistics. The touch screen software of this safety monitoring system adopts our company's embedded version of the touch screen software KingHMI.

3. system function

  • Real-time status monitoring function displays real-time status information of various mechanisms of the current crane: status, position, action, electrical parameters, wind speed of cart, trolley, lifting, pitching, spreader, etc.; auxiliary mechanism status: network communication status, Over-temperature status, lubrication system status, emergency stop status; real-time monitoring of the operation of accident-prone equipment and key key equipment, and at the same time, analyze and sort the collected data, and compare the real-time data and related equipment operation indicators In contrast, when the deviation limit is exceeded, an alarm message is generated and the alarm record is stored.
  • Historical data analysis function Provides historical data storage function, supports various forms of alarm, trend analysis and other functions, which is convenient for accident analysis of field data; supports historical playback function, and sets the start and end time and playback of historical playback on the screen The historical process during the failure period will be played according to the set playback speed. The user can also drag the playback progress bar to adjust the playback progress, so as to locate the failure and analyze the cause of the failure.
  • Running statistics function Running time, operating time, operating efficiency, wire rope distance, number of handle actions, number of failures, failure time, failure rate and other port crane operating data are real-time statistics.
  • WEB release function Realize the picture release and data release of port crane operating information. System administrators or business leaders can remotely view the operating information of each equipment through the Internet to achieve remote monitoring and remote management. Through the network, you can get the same picture and data display, report display, alarm display, and trend curve display as on the WEB server anywhere.
  • Communication with the control center The real-time status data, real-time alarm, historical query, and equipment diagnosis data of the port crane safety monitoring system can communicate with the control center in real time, and the ground control center can understand the status of the field equipment in real time.
  • The system complies with the corresponding national standards and relevant industry standards.