Intelligent heating management and control integrated platform solution


Intelligent heating management and control integrated platform solution

1. Program overview

Yakong provides a "smart heat network" management and control integrated application platform. With the help of OPC UA's horizontal and vertical data interaction capabilities, the platform can realize the first station of the heat source, the primary heating network, the heat exchange station, the secondary network courtyard and Monitoring and management analysis of all production data of hot users. Integrate the production-related systems of the heating company, realize data sharing, establish a data center, realize big data data mining and decision-making, provide a basis for the production, operation and energy management of the heating company, and realize the refined management of the heating company.

2. Project features of heating project:

  • There are many areas, a large number of sites, and a wide coverage area, collecting and storing nearly 270,000 points of data;
  • OPC UA unified architecture, data forwarding tool successfully migrated third-party historical data;
  • Remote centralized management and maintenance, complete user authority configuration plan;
  • Redundant configuration for disaster recovery to ensure system stability and data integrity;
  • Distributed architecture disperses data collection pressure.
  • Data model establishment, batch construction of variables, reduce workload;
  • The realization of water pressure diagram, heat load forecasting, and energy consumption analysis provides decision-making basis for management and control;
  • The mobile client realizes monitoring and management anytime and anywhere;

Case: Beijing Thermal Group Heating Centralized Monitoring Project

Project overview: Beijing Thermal Power Group has a heating area of ​​200 million square meters, a total of 2,809 heating stations, and a pipe network of 1,237 kilometers. A large amount of historical data in the early stage is forwarded from the Oracle relational database to the KingHistorian industrial database through the data forwarding tool of Yakong. The monitoring system of the Sihui dispatch center and the monitoring system of the disaster recovery center realize the redundant configuration, which effectively solves the heat exchange of multiple areas The remote management and maintenance of station monitoring is difficult, which saves labor costs and improves work efficiency. The system has designed a set of authority schemes according to the characteristics of the thermal group’s organizational structure, which provides good support for the group’s business management.

Three, system highlights

  • Realize the display and analysis of operating data based on GIS geographic information;
  • Use OPC UA as the external interface to analyze and forward the communication protocols of dozens of different devices on site;
  • Remote centralized management and maintenance, providing a complete user authority configuration plan;
  • Energy management system, energy saving and consumption reduction, saving cost;
  • Digital management, combined with energy consumption analysis, load forecasting, and complaint rate results to achieve prior control and guide heating dispatch;
  • Based on evidence, heat network simulation facilitates leadership decision-making;
  • Analyze the balance of the entire network to achieve reasonable scheduling and optimize energy use;

Fourth, the system structure

  • The platform is divided into: field layer, data collection storage layer and analysis display layer.
  • The solution provides multiple networks, multiple devices, and multiple concurrent data collection methods. It also supports data block collection and interruption-resumed transmission, ensuring the unity and integrity of data.
  • Heat source data, heat network data, heat station data, building control data, and heat user data are aggregated into the data center to build a big data platform for real-time collection, storage, analysis, and display.

Five, system function

Process data display

The data is displayed in a variety of ways such as flowcharts, lists, graphs, 3D scenes, and trend curves.

GIS geographic information display

The panoramic map displays the information of the pipe network and heat exchange station once, and freely chooses to display data, such as heat load, temperature, flow, pressure, etc., and the status of the entire network is clear at a glance. Click on the heat exchange station to enter the 3D virtual reality process screen.

Interact with third-party systems

Provides rich system interfaces, including OPC UA, etc., and supports data interaction with third-party subsystems. Such as professional geographic information system, hot meter reading system, charging system, customer service system, video monitoring system, heating patrol management system, etc. For example: Obtain the complaint information of the customer service system, the area information of the charging system, etc. to achieve the integration of multiple application systems.

6. MES and IoT applications based on OPCUA