Cold storage monitoring SCADA system solution


Cold storage monitoring SCADA system solution

1. Program overview

At present, cold storage ranges from small indoor storage to large outdoor storage, from high-temperature storage, medium-temperature storage, low-temperature storage to freezing storage, and from pre-cooling storage, freezing storage, quick-freezing storage, ice storage to air conditioning storage, and its scale and function Each is different. Because cold storage not only plays a role in ensuring product safety, reducing product losses, and promoting the sound development of corresponding industries, it can also extend the life cycle of products and increase their economic value. Therefore, the normal operation of different types and functions of cold storage is very important.

This solution will be based on the cold storage industry, combined with advanced cold storage control technology and actual application requirements, and comprehensively explain the complete solution of Yakong configuration software in the cold storage industry to improve operating efficiency, reduce operating costs, and achieve intelligent control and ease The purpose of management is to provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation and daily management of the cold storage.

2. Project highlights

  • When the system is abnormal, SMS reminders and email reminders will be provided to inform the staff of the system abnormalities as soon as possible to eliminate the hidden dangers of the safe operation of the cold storage.
  • Through the system's B/S architecture, it can realize remote real-time viewing of the operating system status, truly realize the unattended cold storage system, and reduce the operating cost of the enterprise on the basis of ensuring the safe operation of the system.
  • The setting of system trial function and authorization authority protects the rights and interests of cold storage suppliers and users, and enhances the application functions of the cold storage operation monitoring and management system.

3. system architecture

The cold storage monitoring system is divided into three layers, namely monitoring layer, control layer, and equipment layer.

4.system function

Cold storage monitoring SCADA system aims at food storage, drug storage, hospital blood storage, seed storage, vaccine storage, fruit storage, aquatic product storage, cold chain logistics enterprises and other industries, to achieve a unified monitoring management solution, which can be applied to add temperature and humidity monitoring in the later stage of the cold storage Module, the basic functions of cold storage monitoring SCADA system include real-time online storage temperature recording, automatic generation of temperature history graphs, printing history records, historical data output EXCEL, temperature upper and lower limit alarms, SMS over-temperature alarm, SMS query of cold storage temperature, SMS alarm on duty schedule , Database automatic backup and restoration, user authority management, electronic map display monitoring points, complete Chinese interface, expand monitoring points according to the management tree, expand the system at any time without changing the system, increase monitoring points, according to user needs, the system can single monitoring center, more The monitoring center is optional.

4.1 Equipment operating status display

The system screen visually displays the equipment layout and process flow in the actual cold storage, real-time display of the operating status of each equipment, the temperature and humidity of each monitoring point in the storage, and the maximum, minimum, and average values ​​of temperature and humidity, so that the system Operation status, working mode and equipment working status are clear at a glance.

4.2 Operating parameter setting

The cold storage system has a temperature adjustment function to adapt to market demand and maximize the utilization rate of the cold storage.

4.3 Alarm function

The cold storage system has automatic alarm functions for the high and low limits of temperature, humidity and other parameters. It can provide real-time alarm prompts, automatically pop-up alarm screens, sound alarm notifications, remote information alarm notification prompts, and can store historical alarm information for easy query and printing . You can view and modify the alarm parameters of each system variable during the system operation.

4.4 SMS and email reminder function

Once the cold storage system fails, it will cause irreversible losses to the products in the cold storage. Therefore, when the system equipment fails or runs abnormally, it is necessary to notify the system administrator and operators as soon as possible to deal with the problem in time.

4.5 Data display function

The cold storage operation monitoring and management system can generate real-time reports, time reports, daily reports, monthly reports, etc. according to needs. The data can also be displayed in the form of trend curves, and it has the functions of regular printing and random printing.

4.6 Web publishing

Through the software's WEB publishing function, system users can realize remote monitoring of the cold storage system anytime and anywhere in the Internet or local area network to ensure the normal operation of the system.

4.7 System authorization

After the construction and delivery of the cold storage system, the system needs to be tested for a period of time to ensure the stability of the system. In order to protect the rights and interests of the suppliers and users of the cold storage system, the system authorization function is added. After the system is running stably, the user can obtain the authorization code from the supplier to ensure the long-term operation of the system and the supplier's interests are not damaged.

5. Program summary

For suppliers, the cold storage operation monitoring and management system implemented by this program will greatly reduce the development cycle of the operating system, reduce workload, and provide work efficiency. For system users, its complete human-computer interaction and stable system The operation not only meets the actual needs of the site, but also improves the automation of cold storage by cold storage companies, reduces operating costs, and lays the foundation for unattended cold storage.