Building industry monitoring system solutions


Building industry monitoring system solutions

1. Program overview

Urbanization, population growth and declining resources are putting increasing pressure on urban infrastructure systems (buildings). Infrastructure operators are looking for smart solutions to meet these challenges. Based on information technology and automation, we can help cities fully tap the huge potential of infrastructure. Yakong Technology provides intelligent building monitoring platform system solutions that help optimize existing infrastructure, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve safety and anti-strike capabilities, and reduce environmental burdens. Building construction is a cell of a city, covering a wide range of fields. To achieve the goal of smart buildings, the construction and development of smart buildings must be implemented first, especially the development of independent innovative products and systems that meet the national conditions. The new generation of information technology provides technical support for the sustainable development of smart buildings, independent innovation, and integration into smart cities. As a software provider for the automation industry, Asia Control Technology Development Co., Ltd. has launched a general solution for the building industry (building industry automation monitoring platform).

2. Project highlights

  • Centralized monitoring: to achieve centralized monitoring of buildings to achieve building equipment control automation, equipment management automation, disaster prevention automation, and energy management automation, so as to protect the work or living environment and save energy.
  • Energy consumption analysis: Perform graphical display and comparison of data to provide data support and basis for energy conservation and emission reduction.
  • Reliable logic control: The management of each subsystem is centralized in the central monitoring center, using unified parallel processing and logic control, and directly preset control schemes on the human-computer interaction interface to achieve optimal allocation of resources.

Three, system architecture

In order to realize the sharing of information and resources of intelligent buildings, the improvement of service quality, the improvement of work efficiency and the convenience of management and decision-making, the building industry solution provided by Asia Control Technology Development Co., Ltd.-the building automation monitoring platform, uses KingSCADA as the configuration software carrier. Take the network as a bridge to comprehensively monitor various functional subsystems in the building, and fully realize the comprehensive monitoring and management of the communication system, office automation system, and various equipment in the building. The platform includes nine major subsystems including power distribution system, lighting system, air conditioning system, water supply and drainage system, elevator system, energy management system, security system, garage system and fire protection system.

The automation monitoring platform software for the building industry provides monitoring templates and integration solutions for various subsystems and various common equipment in the building monitoring industry.

Four, system function

The main interface of building automation monitoring mainly monitors the various parameters of the nine major subsystems of the building, and carries out corresponding authority management.

4.1 Lighting system

Realize complex lighting monitoring and control functions such as scene preset, brightness adjustment, soft start and soft shutdown. This control method can not only create a comfortable indoor visual environment, but also save a lot of energy.

4.2 Air conditioning system

The monitoring of the air conditioning system by the building automation system is mainly for the centralized central air conditioning system, including the air conditioning system consisting of fresh air, return air, filters, cooling and heating coils, blowers, air conditioning units, etc. The main monitoring content of air conditioning units: air supply Volume, return air volume, fresh air volume, supply air temperature, supply air humidity, fan start and stop, return fan, air purifier, etc.

4.3 Water supply and drainage system

The water supply and drainage system is an essential part of any building. The system includes the domestic water supply system, drainage system and hot water system.

4.4 Elevator system

Elevators are an indispensable means of transportation in intelligent buildings, and elevator monitoring systems include helicopters and escalators.

4.5 Energy Management System

Analyze and calculate the corresponding energy consumption data to generate reports and energy consumption analysis reports for management personnel's reference. The pictures and texts show building square meter energy consumption, daily energy consumption, annual energy consumption, per capita energy consumption, etc., to provide decision support and data support for energy conservation and emission reduction.

4.6 Security system

In order to ensure the security of the building, it is necessary to build a security system that combines civil defense, physical defense and technical defense.

4.7 Garage System

With the development of society, the advancement of science and technology, and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, it has become a norm to use cars for transportation. The increase in the number of cars makes the original parking lot management face challenges, and it has become an inevitable trend to improve the parking lot management level.

4.8 Fire fighting system

The biggest threat to the safety of smart buildings is fire. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct real-time detection and recording of the fire control points of the building system, and promptly alarm when there is a fire abnormality, and control the fire fighting device to extinguish the fire in parallel.

4.9 Power supply and distribution system

The power supply and distribution system is the lifeblood of intelligent buildings, so the monitoring and management of power supply and distribution equipment is very important. This building automation monitoring platform monitors the operating status of circuit breakers or contactors in the building's power supply and distribution in real time.

V. Program summary

Building automation integrated monitoring solutions have an important and far-reaching impact on improving the level of building automation and informatization. The equipment-oriented integrated monitoring and management platform proposed by Asia Control Technology provides strong technical support for the realization and improvement of building automation and informatization. And guidance to realize the comprehensive management and linkage control between the various subsystems of the building control. Yakong configuration software provides powerful and rich drivers in the equipment acquisition layer, which basically supports and is compatible with all the equipment data acquisition in the building industry. The flexible screen template generation greatly improves the efficiency of configuration and shortens the development cycle of configuration engineering for engineering developers.