Typical case of MES system for electronic manufacturing alloy materials


Typical case of MES system for electronic manufacturing alloy materials

1. Project Overview

XX Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985. It is a well-known large-scale enterprise group specializing in the production of silver alloy materials in China. It is one of the national standard setters for the electrical alloy industry. It has a number of patented technologies; the company focuses on the use of low-voltage electrical appliances. Contact materials and components research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and application, is the global electrical, electronic, and automotive industry respected excellent partners. The company's products are divided into four categories: silver alloy materials, rivet-type electrical contacts, welded components and stamping spin riveting components.

The company’s current main problems are that the product production process management is not standardized, the production process information records are not standardized, and a lot of production information is manually recorded. The problematic product traceability and process records are cumbersome, and there is an urgent need for information transformation.

2. Construction content

The project mainly includes four parts: data recording, station kanban data display, workshop kanban data display, and data query management system. It is necessary to record the start time and end time of the 13 processes of upsetting, degreasing, tempering, grinding, etc., and also need to record some information unique to each process according to customer requirements, such as the record of inspection information of upsetting , The weight of products and materials in the completed statistics.

The system uses the company's high-end configuration software Kingview products to complete functions such as data collection and recording, Kanban display and various report queries, and realizes mobile terminal completion confirmation and information entry through KingMobile. Through the construction of the system, it not only facilitates the operation of on-site personnel and improves efficiency, but the entire system also realizes the requirements of the entire production process for recording and retrospective management.

1. The overall system plan
  • Data acquisition and calculation server: responsible for on-site data collection and distribution, production data recording, and interaction with other KV and KM systems;
  • Mobile terminal server: Communicate with the data acquisition and calculation server, receive information from the on-site handheld terminal, and issue query request data;
  • External interface server: calculate with the data acquisition computing server, interact with the ERP system externally, and realize the upload and release of production information.
2. Data collection plan

Three, specific function display

Workplace Kanban

It is realized that the work order information and operation information issued to the machine are inquired according to the machine number, and the personnel operation authority is issued to the upsetting equipment.

Workshop Kanban

Through cross-platform realization of querying production information on the server, on-site display in the workshop display area, through the combination of Android system and smart Kanban, eliminating the need for on-site deployment of large servers in the display area

Completion data statistics

Realize the addition and query of production completion information.

Upsetting and inspection table

The query and storage of inspection items and inspection results in the production process are realized.

Review and disposal of unqualified products

It is realized that the unqualified content is saved and uploaded to the ERP system during the production process and the result of the feedback query is obtained

Drawing retrieval and viewing

Realize the function of displaying corresponding drawings on the station kanban according to different orders, and customers can view the current work order related drawings at any time.

Some PDA interface

Through PDA scanning, the important information in the production process such as time, personnel, weight and other information is recorded.

Part of PDA scan code test

3. Project site

Four, project summary

  • This project uses a mobile device (PDA) to record the data in production, get rid of the constraints of the location of the desktop computer, it is convenient and quick to use, and provides a good problem-solving idea for the future electronic industry monitoring system.
  • The number of equipment involved in this project is large (200 upsetting machines, 36 PDAs, 33 computers). If the project is placed on a server, it may run unstable, and once the server has a problem, the entire production will be Will stop, this will be a great risk in production. The Kingview project is remotely and automatically deployed by different terminals. Even if a certain device or a certain function is abnormal, it will not affect the normal operation of other devices and projects, which greatly reduces the risk in production.
  • In this project, Kingview is selected to realize the functions of start-up and completion, data entry, data and station billboards are synchronized with KingMobile's workshop billboards, and cross-platform synchronization between Windows and Android is also realized, which greatly increases browsing and recording Convenience of production data.