Lithium battery injection weighing system management and control integration case


Lithium battery injection weighing system management and control integration case

1. Project Overview

A manufacturer is a lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor production equipment manufacturer integrating R&D and design, production and service concepts. The fully automatic injection equipment for cylindrical lithium-ion batteries developed by it can realize small square aluminum shell battery cells Weighing and liquid injection are carried out automatically, but there is no system for recording and monitoring the data of the whole weighing process, and the function of querying the quality of liquid injection production batches at any time. Therefore, the equipment needs to be added A set of weighing monitoring system records and monitors the weighing data, records and queries the quality of liquid injection production, and uses the KingScada software developed by Asia Control to monitor the process data that occurs during the weighing process of the liquid injection machine. And supporting the use of KingHistorian, the industrial library software of Asia Control, records the production batch information, which can be inquired in the system at any time.

The specific goals are as follows:
  • Collect data of weighing weight before liquid injection, weighing weight after liquid injection, and refill weight data, and display them on the PC supporting the liquid injection machine;
  • The upper and lower limits of the injection weight can be manually input, and the system automatically judges whether the injection weight meets the standard;
  • Automatically record liquid injection production data, batch information and system judgment information at regular intervals.

2. Project implementation

1. The general process of lithium ion battery production process is as follows:

Liquid injection is a very important process, and the accuracy of its injection volume must be guaranteed. The liquid injection machine is used to complete the liquid injection process in the lithium battery production process in Figure 1. The working process of the lithium ion battery automatic liquid injection equipment is mainly shown in the following figure:

2. The overall architecture of the weighing monitoring system of the liquid injection machine is shown in the figure below:

The whole system is a stand-alone equipment monitoring system. There are 10-20 electronic scales in the liquid injection machine equipment, all of which are connected to a PLC, so that the data of the electronic scales are all concentrated in the PLC. Connect the liquid injection machine PLC with the supporting industrial computer of the liquid injection machine through the network cable, and install the upper software KingScada on the industrial control computer to collect the data of the liquid injection machine.

3. The liquid injection weighing process monitoring interface of the liquid injection machine weighing monitoring system is shown in the following figure:

Through the weighing monitoring interface, you can understand the whole process data information of weighing very intuitively and timely: including the status information of weighing before filling, weighing after filling and refilling; meanwhile, the weighing process data is set in the software Automatic storage to the KingHistorian mechanism. The stored data includes weighing time (time when weighing is completed), battery number, batch, filling station, front weighing weight, post weighing weight, filling volume, filling fluid weight, filling fluid The result of quality judgment, etc., realizes data traceability and reporting.

Using this system to assist liquid injection production, the production process is more intuitive, and defective liquid injection products can be given timely feedback, which promotes production efficiency to a certain extent. At the same time, the friendly man-machine interface is conducive to frontline operators to improve work efficiency.

3. Project summary

1. Project highlights
  • Liquid injection weighing is an important part of the liquid injection process. In the past, the liquid injection machine manually records the weighing data of each electronic scale, and then manually sets the formula to calculate whether the injection is qualified. The program collects the data of the electronic scale and encapsulates the work of judging the quality of the injection in the upper software, which greatly improves the production efficiency, and increases the accuracy and automation;
  • The pre-weighing weight, post-weighing weight and rehydration weight are displayed on the screen, vividly and intuitively showing the weighing progress and rehydration results;
  • Automatically store liquid injection production process data into the database, making the production process data traceable.
2. Project scalability

The liquid injection weighing monitoring system has complete functions and clear logic, which is of great reference to the equipment supporting projects of other similar liquid injection machine manufacturers; at the same time, liquid injection is an important process in the lithium battery production industry, and it can be effectively monitored and controlled. Management is the key to improving production efficiency and production quality.