Cable industry informatization case based on KingFusion3.5 platform


Cable industry informatization case based on KingFusion3.5 platform

1. Project Overview

The wire and cable manufacturing industry is one of the largest supporting industries in the national economy and the second largest industry in the machinery industry after the automobile industry. Wire and cable products are widely used in energy, transportation, communications, automobiles, and petrochemical industries. An optical cable manufacturer in the cable industry is one of the largest optical fiber communications research and development bases in mainland China. It is the earliest domestic unit engaged in the research, development, promotion and application of optical fiber and cable. Its scientific research and products are at the leading or advanced level in China, especially Fiber optic cable technology, fiber optic cable forming machine represents the national level.

The company faces the following difficulties in the production process:

  • Production data is isolated. The production process data of all parts in the production process of this enterprise requires manual paper records, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the production process cannot be connected vertically, which is of little reference value for the formulation of production plans.
  • Uncertainty of production problems. In the process of optical cable appearance inspection and OTDR optical cable reduction inspection process, the company adopts manual paper recording method, which leads to the production data relying on the subjective judgment of the recorder. Therefore, when analyzing production problems, query records are uncertain.
  • Production feedback lags behind. The company's quality problem feedback from the production plan is basically communicated manually. When encountering quality problems, the team and team leaders conduct resource coordination and feedback. The relevant responsible persons cannot be notified in the first time, which affects the problem resolution. Timeliness and accuracy.
  • Production data cannot be traced back. Each production line of the company is composed of PLC plus text collectors. Data can only be uploaded to a single device. Historical process parameters cannot be traced, and data information and video information cannot be recorded in time when equipment failure alarms.

Therefore, the enterprise can solve the above production difficulties by applying the production management module, quality management module, equipment management module, inventory management module, and personnel management module of the KingFusion3.5 information system, an integrated full configuration platform for sub-control management and control. The informationized production of enterprises improves production efficiency and production quality

2. Project implementation

1. Implementation ideas

Because the electronic cable industry has its special industry characteristics: customized, multi-variety, high cost, low profit, etc., it can no longer be produced in the form of traditional manual paper-based production and must implement fine control of the production process. At the same time, the increasingly mature application and popularization of network technology in the field of industrial control makes the application of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in manufacturing enterprises easier and more practical. Therefore, the implementation of this information project can rely on network technology and intelligent manufacturing technology to realize real-time and dynamic information-based production monitoring and management of the production process of the production workshop. The specific functions to be realized in this project include the following:

  • Standardization of work process;
  • Product quality can be traced;
  • Electronic production data;
  • Equipment maintenance information management;
  • Material inventory can be monitored;
  • Plant personnel scheduling.
2. Function realization

In order to achieve the above functions, Asia Control will divide this project into the following information modules:

1) Production management module

This module can track the production data and equipment operation data in the entire production process, and output it through the Kanban board and the client. It can identify and analyze whether the production process is abnormal, and automatically trigger an abnormal alarm.

The specific module functions are as follows:

  • The production management module includes: production order, progress tracking, real-time monitoring, capacity statistics, equipment analysis, and OEE analysis.
  • Production order: Convert sales orders into production work orders, and automatically schedule and transform work order plans based on equipment capacity, order requirements, and the correspondence between equipment and product models, and support manual adjustments to achieve visualization of production tasks.
  • Progress tracking: real-time tracking of production progress.
  • Real-time monitoring: monitor the real-time data of the equipment, reflect the real situation on the spot, and quickly locate the problem equipment through video linkage.
  • Production capacity statistics, equipment analysis, OEE analysis: Analyze the utilization efficiency, production capacity, equipment status, frequency of use, etc. of equipment through histograms, horizontal bar graphs, bamboo joints, etc.

2) Quality management module

This module can perform quality inspection management on products, determine specific inspection methods and inspection procedures. The module manages and records each process and batch of materials used in the production process. When a quality problem occurs, it traces the cause of the problem according to the barcode and the product of the same batch or the use of the same batch of materials. Products, and statistical analysis can be performed for products of different quality.

Quality management is divided into two parts: alarm control and traceability. Different products correspond to different quality control parameters (upper and lower alarm limits), which need to be called during the production process and updated and maintained in real time as required to achieve real-time detection and alarm during the production process.

The special optical cable produced by this company is generally put into use after a two-year cycle. If the overall product has quality problems, the production process needs to be traced. At this time, the basic data and video data of the optical cable during the production will be used . The KingFusion3.5 software platform of Asia Control can monitor the entire production process in real time, and directly store the detection data in the dispatch center from the equipment. When there is a quality problem, it will alarm in time, and generate video linkage to record the problematic production environment in time, and record it through analysis The historical data traces historical production problems and video playback, which can more accurately discover and determine the cause of the problem.

3) Inventory management module

This module makes detailed records of inventory and warehousing, tracking the use of materials in production, clarifying the number of materials remaining in the production line, and determining whether it is necessary to send out ingredient applications, so as to achieve complete inventory transparency.

4) Device management module

Establish a complete equipment file, and conduct a comprehensive management of the entire process of equipment from purchase to scrap. Develop regular equipment maintenance plans, and record and track equipment maintenance.

5) Personnel management module

This module mainly realizes the reconstruction of the organizational structure in the information system, and can adjust the personnel authority online in real time, and assist the plant personnel in scheduling and dispatching, so as to comprehensively and scientifically evaluate the performance of the personnel.

3. Project summary

1. Comprehensively improve production level
  • Grasp the production dynamics in real time and improve the response speed of handling production events. The production scheduling personnel understand the details of the production in time, monitor the production activities, deal with the problems in the production as soon as possible, and improve the efficiency of production management.
  • Real-time management and analysis of production, real-time tracking of production materials and progress, improve production flexibility, planning accuracy, and reduce downtime; realize production process quality control, and improve product quality and production capacity.
  • Collect real-time production consumption and output data through the MES system, realize real-time statistics of production consumption, and control the production process to the level of day/shift/machine. Flexible factory modeling capabilities can adapt to the production business process And the change and adjustment of the production process, so that enterprises can carry out fine management of the entire production process, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.
2. New features
  • Visual control of materials. The entire production plan tracking process is intuitively expressed in the form of Gantt chart, which realizes the planned management, real-time monitoring, and historical tracing of work order materials. It is simple and direct, and the entire production process can be seen at a glance.
  • Automatic optimization of process parameters. The work order is automatically associated with the process quality parameter management, and the process parameters are monitored in real time (fast fault location), and the best process parameters are selected based on the analysis of historical production data.
  • Comprehensive performance management. Through the comparison of the qualification rate of the class products, the completion of the class plan and the production of the class, the performance appraisal management of the class personnel can be realized in a comprehensive manner.
3. Applicable to multiple industries

1) Relying on the reproducibility of the functional modules of KingFusion3.5 products, the functions applied in this project have a high degree of commonality in other industries, and can be applied to the whole industry.

2 ) Integrability: It can realize the system integration with different manufacturers and the protection of the enterprise's existing systems.

3 ) Configurability: It can quickly configure the system structure for newly introduced products in the factory and unexpected changes in demand to meet the changing needs of users.

4 )Adaptability: The system can automatically adapt to changing workloads and conditions or changes in business processes through the system's good reconfiguration capabilities.

5 ) Scalability: It can not only expand its functions within a unit, but also expand to other manufacturing units and other stages of the product manufacturing life cycle to meet various complex manufacturing requirements. ‍

6 ) Reliability: to ensure the data integrity and consistency of distributed systems and the security of virtual enterprise information interaction.