Yakong (electronic industry) energy management system solutions


Yakong (electronic industry) energy management system solutions

1. Industry background

As the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies continue to deepen and the market competition in the manufacturing industry continues to intensify, more and more industrial enterprises, from large and heavy state-owned enterprises to key energy-consuming manufacturing plants, are aware of energy conservation, emission reduction and energy management. Importance, and began to respond to the planning of energy conservation, emission reduction and energy management system.

Briefly speaking, energy management is developing along the road of manual meter reading-automatic meter reading, monitoring-statistical analysis, energy-saving mining-energy Internet + intelligent manufacturing, and promote the transformation of energy management from extensive to lean.

2. Current status and pain points

  • Insufficient energy-saving awareness: The inherent concept of production and management personnel is that energy is for production. In order to ensure production, energy consumption is not considered. The energy-saving awareness of employees needs to be further improved;
  • Lack of effective management methods: The energy management system is imperfect, and effective management methods and assessment methods are lacking;
  • I don't know where the "energy" is used: I only know the overall energy consumption, but it is impossible to know exactly where and how much energy is consumed? Where does it consume more? How much more is consumed? Why is it consumed more?
  • Energy consumption cannot be known early: how to monitor and analyze abnormal energy consumption and predict energy consumption?
  • Insufficient energy-saving basis: How to find energy-saving opportunities through energy consumption big data analysis?
  • Energy consumption cost: How to refine the energy consumption cost, obtain the energy consumption of various energy types, processed products, etc., analyze the detailed energy consumption cost structure, and provide a basis for energy saving and cost reduction.

3. solution product advantages

1. Configuration type management and control integrated platform
  • System rapid online configuration and expansion
  • Distributed deployment of data collection, engineering services, data computing, etc.
  • Based on model development, solution products can be reused
  • Visual configuration interface, full configuration on web
  • Modular function, configuration and authorization on demand, can be reused directly
  • Configuration integration with third-party systems
  • The web terminal is convenient to embed third-party system interfaces, open source charts, etc.
2. Closed-loop energy management system

From the real-time collection of energy consumption data-energy consumption prediction-energy consumption real-time monitoring-energy consumption statistics-energy consumption analysis, the closed-loop optimization analysis of energy is realized, and energy consumption prediction is continuously optimized through energy consumption data analysis, and energy saving opportunities for enterprises are discovered.

System function interface