Intelligent production management system solutions for the PCB industry


Intelligent production management system solutions for the PCB industry

1. Project Overview

The main task of a PCB manufacturer is to complete product production tasks according to order requirements, and to ensure product quality requirements, and strive to achieve continuous and balanced production with the least investment. Therefore, the EMCS system must focus on the goal of "serving the factory and serving the production", and improve the competitiveness of manufacturing by collecting and analyzing all production resources including equipment, personnel and products, providing a systematic and unified The platform integrates functions such as production traceability, quality control, progress tracking, etc., to realize the digital and refined management requirements of manufacturing.

The system mainly includes 7 modules: production traceability, utilization rate statistics, production monitoring, basic information management, user management, system integration, and data collection.

2. Function highlights

  • Support all-round real-time monitoring of production process
  • Support refined production management
  • Support the unified production monitoring and management mode of the two places
  • Production traceability based on EMCS equipment integration

3. Project summary or typical application

The EMCS system realizes data acquisition, processing, storage, utilization and management in all aspects of production management in the production base, forming a unified production monitoring system management platform with comprehensive capabilities such as equipment monitoring and guarantee, abnormal warning and detection, traceability analysis, etc. , To realize the digital transformation of the factory's production process, and lay the foundation for the final establishment of a digital factory.

The value of EMCS system to enterprise management is mainly reflected in the production monitoring and management platform built by information technology to enhance the four management capabilities of customers and achieve three optimizations in the production process, namely: supporting flexibility with intelligent production information statistics Production needs, improve the ability to meet customers and the market, and realize the sustainable optimization of base flexible production;

Improve product quality assurance capabilities through process quality control throughout the entire production process, and achieve sustainable optimization of base production quality;

Based on the real-time collection of production process data, improve production efficiency control capabilities and achieve sustainable optimization of base production efficiency;

4. the project operation screen