LNG/CNG station control system solution


LNG/CNG station control system solution

1. Program overview

Since the 21st century, the country's requirements for environmental protection have become higher and higher. Natural gas has been favored and used more and more widely due to its clean combustion and huge reserves, as the technology of automobile fuel and heating fuel continues to mature. Among them, small and medium gas stations are generally favored by businesses due to their low investment, quick results, and flexible services, and they are developing rapidly. At present, there are more than 100,000 CNG vehicles in my country, and there are about 400 CNG filling stations. In addition to being applied to natural gas vehicles, the application of LNG/CNG stations has also been rapidly expanded in cities and towns where the natural gas pipeline network cannot reach.

With the rapid development of the LNG/CNG industry, due to the scattered sites and the difficulty of supervision, coupled with the relatively weak management and backward control methods in many places, many newly-built LNG/CNG refueling stations have operation management, equipment monitoring, and safe production, etc. There are many loopholes and problems. The LNG/CNG station control system solution was proposed under this background.

2. Program highlights

  • Realize equipment supervision, measurement, parameter adjustment and various signal alarms;
  • Provide timely, accurate and reliable pipeline network operating conditions data to improve management efficiency;
  • Visualize, standardize, automate and informatize the entire gas production management process.

3. system architecture

The composition of LNG/CNG station control system is shown in Figure 1. The on-site monitoring equipment is PLC and various data acquisition modules, which realize the data acquisition and control of various measuring devices, compressors, dehydration purification devices, gas vending machines, etc. in the station.