Coal Mine Safety Production Control Solution


Coal Mine Safety Production Control Solution

Aiming at coal mine equipment integrators, coal mine scientific research institutes, and coal mine production units to coordinate all-round monitoring and management of coal mine safety production, a management and control platform guided by the concept of safety production, for coal mine production subsystems, safety risk prevention, and equipment life cycle Closed loop management and production scheduling management provide safe and effective management and control services

1. Product function introduction

(1) Support the monitoring of coal mine production subsystems (such as fully mechanized mining face, belt conveyor, ventilator, etc.);

(2) Supporting linkage analysis of various alarms, linkage business real-time display from personnel, environment, scheduling, video, data, geographic information, etc., to provide dispatchers with various data and reports for processing alarm information;

(3) Support the full life cycle management of large-scale electromechanical equipment in the mine, including installation, maintenance, overhaul, dismantling, and scrapping;

(4) Introduce the dual preventive work mechanism of risk classification management and control in the mining industry and hidden danger investigation and management to support the process-based pre-control management of coal mine risks, hidden dangers, major hidden dangers, three violations, and emergency command;

(5) Support the management and record of the completion of production day, production daily report, mine year and month plan query, preventive maintenance, dispatch log, netting situation of fully mechanized mining face, driving and moving situation, stripping and blasting situation, etc.;

(6) Support the monitoring and management of the number of fully mechanized cutters, the driving footage, the main transportation operating rate, the production change trend, the over/under change trend, the production progress, and various production reports in coal mine production;

(7) Support the real-time alarm of coal mine data in real-time on the platform according to the set level and level, including real-time alarm for safety monitoring, personnel positioning, equipment failure, etc.;

(8) Support large-screen monitoring equipment or production-related situations.

2. Product value/highlights

The features of this program are as follows:
  • "One picture" application and "3D visualization" display based on real-time data;
  • Mine MES system business construction based on lean management requirements;
  • Web page-based configuration technology, using the existing components of the system, through configuration configuration, quickly realize business functions;
  • Real-time data in smart devices can be directly obtained through the data acquisition module, and real-time data-based equipment operation status management can be realized;
  • Web-based visual client display interface, using Html5+JS technology, can support PC-side, and smart mobile terminal device browsing and application;
  • The system has strong scalability, adopts model technology, and has established corresponding models for various data and visual graphics of the equipment, and can quickly generate equipment objects and expand system applications when used;
  • The system has good security, unauthorized users cannot browse or operate pages, and data transmission adopts encryption;
  • The main business functions of coal mine safety management and control are realized, and it can provide rapid deployment and application for coal mine production units.

3. product interface

4. application cases

XX Coal Group, XX coal mine management and control system localization platform Phase I project application.

Case company introduction: XX Coal Group belongs to the Ministry of Energy. In response to the policy of localization system construction, it plans to replace all the collection, storage, calculation, and front-end display software of all its mines with subcontrol products.

Case appeals/pain points:
  • There are many types of underground equipment, and each manufacturer has different communication protocols;
  • High requirements for customized functions, and each system is embedded in each other;
  • The time is tight and the tasks are heavy, and the manufacturer's service cannot keep up;
  • The degree of informatization of various mines is different and cannot be integrated;
  • The mines cannot access each other, and the leadership can visit all the mines of the group;
  • The Windows system is vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Implementation functions and effects: By building a data warehouse, collecting and storing various mine data and realizing data analysis, display and control. Finally, the enterprise policy of high starting point, high technology, high quality, high efficiency and high benefit will be realized.