Internet of Things Platform Solution for Oil and Gas Production


Internet of Things Platform Solution for Oil and Gas Production

1. Program overview

As the Internet continues to deepen its application today, the Internet of Things technology has become increasingly mature with the research and development of concepts and technologies such as intelligent sensing chips, mobile embedded systems, and cloud computing. The Internet of Things software platform for oil and gas production is a product based on the Internet of Things technology that assists oil extraction automation and intelligence. The entire platform is based on the Internet of Things sensor and transmitter technology to realize the automatic monitoring and data collection of the working status of the oil production well; finally based on the configuration technology, the production process data is visually presented in the form of processes, charts, sound and light alarms, and Web pages to assist The oil production plant conducts production operation scheduling management and decision analysis. The entire platform is developed using SOA technology, focusing on the integration of management and control of basic production units such as well groups, pipelines, and stations (libraries). To achieve the purpose of efficient management, energy saving and production increase.

2. Program highlights

  • Work diagram database display recognition
  • Video SCADA linkage-omnidirectional video security perception system
  • Early warning of production failure (intelligent voice alarm)
  • Automatic report generation
  • Equipment management online operation and maintenance

3. system architecture