Information Management System Solution for Lifting Machinery Industry


Information Management System Solution for Lifting Machinery Industry

1. Program overview

As the country focuses on the development of energy, transportation, electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other fields, it stimulates the demand for cranes such as large bridge cranes, gantry cranes, metallurgical cranes, port cranes, shipbuilding gantry cranes, and mobile cranes. The machinery industry is developing rapidly. In order to meet the needs of different fields, the types of cranes are increasing. This has brought considerable economic benefits to crane companies, but also a series of problems for companies:

  • How to know the changes in equipment output, loss and energy consumption of the company in the past week, January, quarter, and year?
  • How to see the exact location and real-time status of each remote mobile device to achieve real-time operation monitoring?
  • How to effectively manage equipment of different models and specifications, realize real-time scheduling management, and improve equipment efficiency?
  • How to accurately predict equipment failures, eliminate safety hazards in the first time, prevent accidents, and ensure safe production?
  • How to realize remote monitoring, online detection and intelligent fault diagnosis to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of equipment?
  • How to quickly locate the cause of an accident when an accident occurs?
  • How to integrate various factors to minimize operating costs and maximize profits?
  • How to obtain valid crane data to provide a basis for the next decision?
  • This solution is proposed to solve the above problems.

2. Project highlights

  • The solution supports more than 3000 underlying device protocols, eliminating the trouble of data collection due to a wide variety of devices and different protocols.
  • It meets the data collection requirements when the equipment is mobile and the equipment is distributed in a wide area, and effectively guarantees data integrity and accuracy.
  • The use of KingHistorian industrial real-time historical database not only saves storage hard disk space, but also has a fast query speed. The greater the amount of system data, the more obvious the advantage.
  • The display platform has powerful data analysis functions and can perform historical playback, helping users to display historical data through screen animations and recall accidents.

3. system architecture