Equipment management system solution for factory production line (Wellintech + Patlite)


Equipment management system solution for factory production line (Wellintech + Patlite)

1. Program overview:

At present, many manufacturers have different ages, various types of equipment and are mixed together, and they cannot collect equipment data information uniformly. If the IT system related equipment is fully adopted, it will take a huge cost and time to make it a huge project. In this solution, using Wellintech's KingScada version 3.53 and Patelite's signal transmitter, signal receiver and system software, a safety warning light monitoring system was constructed. Each piece of equipment is equipped with Pallet signal lights, and there is a wireless device on the signal lights, which can automatically collect equipment operating information, monitor equipment operating status in real time, effectively shorten equipment failure time, and improve production efficiency.

2. System structure:

The system structure is shown in Figure 1, which mainly includes patlite's signal transmitter, signal receiver, system operating software and KingScada. The relevant standard configuration is as follows:

  • PATLITE signal transmitter WDR-LE-Z2 X 1
  • PATLITE signal receiver WDT-6LR-Z2 X 3
  • PATLITE system running software WDS-WIN01 X 1
  • KINGSCADA 3.53

3. System highlights and system functions:

1. High efficiency and low cost, master the effective operation status of each equipment

The use of a safety warning light monitoring system reduces costs. Through the use of signal lights, the information of each device is displayed in the Andon system, and the color changes of the signal lights are collected and stored in the database to easily and intuitively identify the working conditions of the equipment. Real-time grasp of the effective operation status of each equipment, shorten equipment failure time, and effectively improve production capacity.

2. Real-time monitoring of equipment, realizing status management outside effective operating hours.

The Andon system monitors in real time, and displays the color status of different signal lights through CSV reports, and the operation of the equipment during lunch break and night is clear. As shown in Figure 2, using different combinations of colors, it is easy to identify the operating status of the equipment. Figure 3 shows the status table of some equipment inquiries in the Andon system. The real-time system automatically classifies the operating conditions of different equipment, counts the operating efficiency of the equipment, grasps the process of equipment production, facilitates centralized management, and achieves speed and efficiency.

3. Data analysis of the effective operating status of the equipment is simpler

Automatic collection of equipment operation information, reducing manual work. As shown in Figure 4, the green is the cumulative effective operating time of each device, the red is the cumulative stop time, the yellow is the operator's stop time, and the white is the equipment standby time. The process of failure is clearly visible. According to the failure situation of the equipment, Improve equipment and engineering to prevent the decrease in production efficiency. When the product of the equipment is defective, searching through the production information of the database is beneficial to the design and improvement of the product.

4. Visualization of equipment operation:

Visualization of the operation of the entire engineering system. Figure 5 is the main interface of Andon's monitoring system, Figure 6 is the pie chart interface for querying equipment operation status, and another interface for querying equipment operation status is shown in Figure 3, which can be selected according to user needs Different query methods. The whole system grasps the scene situation in real time, realizes the visualization of equipment fault information and the operation status of each equipment, making data analysis more convenient and easy.

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