Energy Management Solution for Asia Control Glass Industry


Energy Management Solution for Asia Control Glass Industry

Aiming at the glass industry, from the design, implementation to operation and maintenance of this plan, it helps managers to obtain the current status and trends of the overall energy operation of the plant in real time, discover energy consumption problems from the daily energy consumption, and establish "energy consumption data" Collection-data mining analysis-on-site inspection and diagnosis-energy saving planning and design-energy saving reform implementation-energy saving effect evaluation-energy saving continuous optimization-energy saving operation monitoring eight parts unified integration" energy management process, which reflects the advantages of integrated energy saving services, and finally becomes one Efficient operation of energy management and control system.

1. Product function introduction

Main functions of this product:

The integrated management system of the Energy Management and Control Center is mainly to perform further screening, statistics, analysis, and comparison of uploaded energy data, and to understand the consumption of different energy media in each production department and the completion of energy-saving indicators from these data;

  • The energy consumption display form is beautiful and rich, and it needs to support histogram, line graph, and table data at the same time, and the data can be exported (only authorized users can export the corresponding data);
  • Provide energy consumption breakdown pie chart. After selecting a certain area location/customized functional area, the energy consumption pie chart of its subordinate objects can be displayed; the energy consumption pie chart is beautiful and rich in information; in addition, it can also support the query of the area location /Customize the proportion of energy consumption in the functional area;
  • Support benchmarking analysis, systematically analyze the energy efficiency of key indicators, and classify energy efficiency levels;
  • Support energy-saving analysis, systematically analyze the energy efficiency of key equipment, optimize the management of the power system, and display it through the energy cockpit;
  • Provide energy plan management, the system provides functions such as formulation, declaration, approval, management, release, query, and performance comparison of energy plans, which are displayed through charts;
  • Based on energy consumption performance management, perform energy consumption summary and statistical analysis according to the production and energy consumption of the entire management area, and display it. There can be multiple dimensions of performance analysis for energy consumption per unit of production;

2. Product value/highlights

The features of this APP are as follows:
  • Based on the configuration technology of the Web page, use the existing components of the system to quickly realize the business functions through configuration configuration;
  • Real-time data in smart devices can be directly obtained through the data acquisition module, and real-time data-based equipment operation status management can be realized; comprehensive data acquisition, establishment of a data acquisition system for the entire plant, and dynamic control of the production status and materials of the entire plant Towards
  • Careful plan management, comprehensive monitoring and analysis of energy plan, real-time and history, provide a basis for energy saving and consumption reduction;
  • Optimize energy efficiency indicators based on the accumulation of practice, benchmark the equipment energy efficiency, product energy efficiency of the enterprise with national standards, local standards, industry standards, etc., and guide the practical process of achieving the best energy efficiency level through the accumulation of energy efficiency data Optimization of energy efficiency indicators and production processes;
  • Life cycle management of measuring instruments and equipment, establishing the full life cycle management of the purchase, calibration, installation, use inspection, maintenance, circulation, and fault alarm of measuring instruments;
  • Abundant report functions, according to customer needs, customized development of various special style reports, realizing data sharing;
  • Integrated management and control, closely integrated with the on-site control system, and promote the level of industrialization through information technology, which improves efficiency and benefit;
  • Web-based visual client display interface, using Html5+JS technology, can support PC-side, and intelligent mobile terminal device browsing and application;
  • The system has strong scalability, adopts model technology, and has established corresponding models for various data and visual graphics of equipment, and can quickly generate equipment objects and expand system applications when used .

3. product interface


4. application cases

XX Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Case company introduction: The energy management center project of xx building materials mainly focuses on solving the problems in the energy management process. The main contents of the construction include energy station automation transformation, on-site metering device transformation, energy data collection and monitoring and dispatching network construction, energy management system information The construction of the platform, the construction of other supporting systems, and the adjustment of the corresponding organization, the adjustment of management responsibilities, the improvement of rules and regulations, and the optimization of business processes.

Case appeals/pain points:
  • The phenomenon of information islands is serious. According to on-site investigations, there are multiple DCS systems scattered in different control rooms, and the various systems are relatively independent, and the openness, compatibility and information interoperability are very poor. Managers cannot obtain the current status and trends of the overall energy operation of the plant in real time (establish a plant-level management platform), nor can they find information about energy-using problem equipment from the daily energy consumption links themselves. They can only rely on manual statistics to report. Larger
  • Limited by the characteristics of the DCS system, long-term storage and query of historical data is complicated, and major deviations are found to be unable to track specific reasons, and enterprise production management has become a mess;
  • The energy consumption measurement in the factory area is chaotic, and the energy consumption in the production process cannot be accurately counted, so it is impossible to accurately find the energy black hole. The enterprise energy waste is serious, and the energy consumption per unit product fluctuates.
  • The energy-saving and consumption-reducing mechanism is not sound, the equipment is outdated, the high-energy-consuming products, equipment and processes that are expressly prohibited by the state and local governments are difficult to be replaced, and the energy-saving equipment and energy-saving and consumption-reducing technologies have not been widely adopted and practiced, resulting in energy saving and consumption reduction. The energy-consuming technological transformation project is delayed or the energy-saving effect has not reached the expected effect.