Electronic industry equipment and energy management solutions


Electronic industry equipment and energy management solutions

Aiming at the problems of untimely energy management and control in the electronics industry, isolation of equipment production information, and opaque production processes, through the formulation of energy consumption plans, real-time monitoring of energy consumption and historical analysis of energy consumption, it is possible to understand the energy demand and consumption status of enterprises in real time, and effectively Analyze energy-saving links and improve energy utilization; through equipment accounting, equipment operation monitoring, efficiency analysis, abnormal alarms, etc., the digital management of equipment can be realized, which helps enterprises to manage manufacturing operations, as well as digital and automated manufacturing practices.

1. Product function introduction

Main functions of this product:

(1) Energy plan: including manual plan preparation, automatic generation plan, energy consumption plan, etc.;

(2) Energy monitoring: including energy flow diagram, real-time energy consumption statistics, abnormal energy consumption alarm, alarm setting and alarm message push, etc.;

(3) Energy consumption history: including energy consumption history record, energy consumption comparison ranking, parameter history record, trend curve, unit consumption statistics, etc.;

(4) Comprehensive energy consumption analysis: including energy efficiency analysis, air consumption analysis, energy balance analysis, energy consumption benchmarking analysis, energy consumption prediction, energy cost statistics, work order energy consumption analysis, key parameter analysis, etc.;

(5) Comprehensive index analysis: including MTTR/MTBF, failure statistics, three-rate statistics, failure analysis report, OEE, status statistics, etc.;

(6) Equipment monitoring: including actual equipment, network status, etc.;

(7) Equipment alarm: alarm viewing, alarm parameter setting, alarm push setting, etc.

(8) Equipment basic information: including equipment account, spare parts management, etc.;

(9) Basic data: including factory structure configuration, functional navigation configuration, energy consumption indicator configuration;

2. Product value/highlights

The features of this program are as follows:

(1) Configuration type integrated management and control platform
  • The system is quickly configured and expanded online
  • Distributed deployment of data collection, engineering services, data computing, etc.
  • Visual configuration interface, full configuration on web
  • Modular functions, configuration and authorization on demand
  • High security, unauthorized users cannot browse or operate the page
  • Configuration integration with third-party systems
  • Web-based visual client display interface, using Html5+JS technology, can support PC side, and smart mobile terminal device browsing and application
(2) The concept of closed-loop energy management

realizes closed-loop optimization analysis of energy from real-time collection of energy consumption data-real-time monitoring of energy consumption-energy consumption statistics-energy consumption analysis, and continuously optimizes energy consumption forecasts through energy consumption data analysis, and taps energy-saving opportunities for enterprises .

(3) Intelligent management of equipment

Effectively monitor the operation status of the entire plant's equipment and quality parameter alarm information in real time, and provide an effective data basis for the traceability of product historical information; form a unified management system based on equipment ledger, spare parts management and other information to improve equipment maintenance and repair Efficiency provides knowledge guarantee for equipment personnel.

3. product interface


4. application cases

Shaanxi XX Technology Co., Ltd., energy management project application.

Case company introduction: Shaanxi XX Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and operation of copper clad laminates, and has a team that has long been engaged in copper clad laminate production management and technology research and development. The company's main products are composite substrate epoxy copper clad laminates (CEM-1, CEM-3), flame-retardant epoxy glass fiber cloth copper clad laminates (FR-4), thick copper-based and aluminum-based high thermal conductivity copper clad laminates, etc.

Case appeals/pain points:
  • There is a lack of effective energy consumption analysis, and energy consumption costs are not detailed enough;
  • The energy management system is imperfect and lacks effective management methods;
  • Factory experience and knowledge are difficult to accumulate, and the dependence on skilled workers is high;
  • Higher energy maintenance costs for enterprises
  • Equipment production information is isolated, and key information cannot be counted in real time;
  • Remote monitoring of equipment production status has not been realized, and equipment failure conditions cannot be controlled in time, and equipment efficiency is low;
Implementation functions and effects:

Through the implementation of equipment and energy systems, Shaanxi XX Technology Co., Ltd. has improved the level of energy system operation and management, reduced energy consumption, improved energy supply quality, strengthened and improved the energy assessment and evaluation system, increased productivity, and realized production equipment The combination with the management system has reached the level of unified management of on-site equipment, greatly improving the market competitiveness of enterprise products.