Application of Yakong in Thermal Power SIS System


Application of Yakong in Thermal Power SIS System

1. Program overview

SIS (plant-level monitoring information system) is a plant-level automation information system that integrates real-time process monitoring, optimization control and production process management. It is located in the thermal power plant's distributed control system DCS and related auxiliary program control systems and plant-wide management information system MIS. A set of real-time plant-level monitoring information system in between. The main purpose of SIS system is unit performance calculation, plant-level economic analysis, plant-level load distribution and economic operation of the unit. The real-time nature of the SIS system is reflected in the real-time analysis of the operating parameters of the unit by the SIS system. Through the powerful data mining, data processing and optimization functions of the system, the operating conditions of the unit and the entire plant can be accurately analyzed, diagnosed and optimized; the SIS system Plant-level characteristics are reflected in the fact that the SIS system covers the DCS data information of the entire plant and the data information of the auxiliary control system, and realizes the optimization of the operation of the entire plant based on the analysis of the economics of the entire plant.

2. Program highlights

  • Monitor and guide the operation of the unit
  • Reduce thermal power coal consumption of power generation enterprises
  • Main engine and main auxiliary engine fault diagnosis
  • Scientific distribution of unit load
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency

3. system architecture

Option One

Solution 1: Install an interface machine for each subsystem on site and use the acquisition software KingIOserver of Asia Control to collect data from the whole plant, and install two database servers in the data center to install the Asia Control database KingHistorian to store the massive data of each system of the power plant. Put an application server, the application server is equipped with calculation software KingCalculation and alarm software KingAlarm&Event to perform data statistical analysis, coal consumption, boiler efficiency and other data mining on the massive data of the database, and finally display software KingGraphic to display the data of the database.

Option Two

In the second scheme, for the data security of the subsystems, a set of hardware isolation devices of the gatekeeper are added at each subsystem site. Yakong's acquisition software can transmit data to the database of the data center through the gatekeeper.