Nanjing Mail Distributing Sorting Center Production and Equipment Operation


Nanjing Mail Distributing Sorting Center Production and Equipment Operation

Monitoring System Case

1. Project overview

Nanjing Mail Sorting and Distributing Center is the third largest in the world and the largest in Asia. China Post Technology Co., Ltd. was commissioned by China Post Group Center to design and produce a set of sorter centralized monitoring information system for EMS. The current phase I project mainly realizes the centralized monitoring of on-site equipment and on-site production status.

Currently, China Post has developed a monitoring system with Java language, with variable points ranging from 8000 to 10000 points, using Oracle 10g database. It needs to be able to develop on the basis of the existing system to realize on-site equipment monitoring, production status monitoring, equipment alarm, production status alarm, production data report, WEB release and other functions.

2. Project highlights

  • History playback: As KingHistorian's screen display platform, KingGraphic of Asia Controls can help users realize screen playback and recall accidents.
  • Web system integration: The KingGraphic product of Asia Control is integrated with the Web system developed by the customer's JAVA. KingHisotrian provides a JAVA interface, which solves the unified management of users and realizes one-time login.
  • Three-dimensional multi-view effect: KingGraphic, the data display platform of Asia Control, truly displays the complex production scenes of the mail sorting center, allowing users to understand the real-time production status more intuitively and conveniently.

3. system structure