Intelligent MES case of Yakong machinery manufacturing industry


Intelligent MES case of Yakong machinery manufacturing industry

1. Project background

A large transmission machinery company was established in 2004. The company specializes in the production of various universal couplings, automobile transmission shafts, and agricultural machinery transmission shafts, which are widely used in automobiles, agricultural machinery, metallurgical machinery, cranes, ports, papermaking and other industries.

Since 2018, the company has begun to plan and implement the construction of a digital factory to realize the intelligent manufacturing upgrade of the enterprise in the direction of machinery manufacturing. At the same time, Yakong Technology also began to enter the factory to conduct research, plan the factory MES project, and assist the enterprise to successfully apply for the Hangzhou factory Internet of Things And industrial Internet demonstration projects.

2. Project implementation

The main functions of this intelligent MES cover: basic data management, order management, planning management, production execution management, equipment management, quality management, and personnel management.

The system architecture is as follows:

The network architecture is as follows:

3. Project highlights

This project has been formally accepted in 2019 and passed the acceptance of the Hangzhou Factory Internet of Things and Industrial Internet Demonstration Projects, marking that the factory has officially entered a new stage of intelligent manufacturing. The following results have been achieved through the implementation of the project:

1. Use the MES system to collect and analyze the data of the complete life cycle of the product, integrate a variety of automation equipment (CNC, PLC, code scanner, instrumentation), and interact with the enterprise ERP to solve the problem of enterprise data islands .

2. Through online plan management, solve the time-consuming and laborious problem of enterprise planning, online plan approval, plan decomposition through algorithm, production process, process kanban login can query production plan, process parameters, process description, and real-time production progress summary , Solve the problem of enterprise production transparency.

3. The company's quality inspection data lags behind, and the detection and test data are not synchronized with the production, which leads to the increase of defective products and delayed response. Through the combination of the company's quality inspection data and batches, real-time feedback is carried out, and the positive and negative retrospective analysis is carried out to solve the problem. Enterprise quality inspection issues to improve product quality.

4. If the work-in-process data of a company is not transparent, work-in-progress will accumulate, leading to increased costs. The system uses real-time statistics of work-in-process data, and the information is accurate to batches. Managers can control them at any time, which can facilitate decision-making and processing and reduce costs.

5. Promote the horizontal integration and vertical integration of the product supporting enterprise information system, and improve the level of collaboration, flexibility and intelligence in manufacturing.

4. Case screenshots

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