A case of a gas company dispatch management system


A case of a gas company dispatch management system

1. Project Overview

At present, the domestic gas market is fiercely competitive, and the fine management of industrial and commercial users and analysis of gas usage rules are prominent. Gas industrial and commercial users can optimize the load structure, improve the utilization efficiency of the pipeline network and expand the profit margin for the gas enterprise.

The project is located in a certain tier city in Eastern China. The gas company serves the urban gas market. In addition to the gas used by urban residents, there are more than 300 industrial and commercial users. There were originally two independent systems developed at different periods, each monitoring a part of the site. The data is not unified, centralized scheduling cannot be realized, and the time is relatively long, and some functions need to be upgraded. Through the preliminary investigation, the project was transformed with KS and KH as the basic platform, aiming to solve the problems of decentralized dispatching center system, independent data, and inconvenient unified management. Realize data fusion, centralized analysis and scheduling, improve management level and save costs. Gradually establish a gas data collection and monitoring system (SCADA), geographic information management system (GIS), security system, vehicle dispatch management system (GPS), auxiliary decision-making system and other integrated gas transmission and distribution management information systems.

2. Project features

  • Automatic financial meter reading to improve data accuracy and save manpower
  • Flexible alarm model settings, automatic scheduling execution
  • Equipment ledger management to realize equipment maintenance informatization
  • Prepaid management to reduce operating risks
  • Rectify the transmission difference in the area to reduce gas leakage

Three, system architecture

The bottom equipment of the system is divided into two categories, one is to build a VPN network through the upper system of the station and use OPC method to collect, and the other is to collect data through the GPRS network RTU.

The information center is equipped with database server, data acquisition server (redundant), engineer station (1), operator station (1) and WEB server. The database server is equipped with industrial database and relational database, and the industrial database is used to store production process data , Relational database storage devices and users and other relational data.

Four, project summary

The reformed system has realized the customer's centralized scheduling requirements and saved the workload of dispatchers. The integration of production and finance and multi-system data sharing have improved the management level. The system integrates precision, intelligence and openness, and is in the forefront of information construction.