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Under the background of industry 4.0 and Internet economy, information technology integration into industry has greatly
enhanced the innovation andproductivity of the real economy, the informationization of industrial production has also provided
data support for the proposing of the Internet concept. The IOT is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the driving
industry, the innovation of resources allocation, and production management mode.

Various Device Protocol Drivers

KingIOBox Platform focuses on more comprehensive, accurate and efficient data acquisition demands, and it’s committed to providing distribut-
ed, lightweight and low-cost data acquisition product and solution.

Difficulties in the application of industrial Internet of Things

Data collection

Many industrial sites lack a versatile architecture design. The data interfaces and protocols of controllers, meters, and devices are
difficult to unify. The research progress is slow, the development is difficult, and the verification and maintenance cycle is long, which seriously
affects the project acquisition and implementation progress.

  • Does the device have a communication interface?
  • Do you want to purchase a protocol format?
  • Do you need to add hardware?
  • Familiar with equipment and software Configuration methods
  • Q&A/actively send/Calling library files,Analysis, framing
  • Packing length, acquisition frequency
  • Real-time, on-demand, scheduled acquisition
  • Redundancy mechanism
  • Disconnection buffer, continuingly-transferring
Verification & Maintenance
  • How to coordinate debugging and production?
  • Device response speed?
  • Does the acquisition frequency meet the requirements?
  • How are links and processes allocated?
  • Memory usage, is there a memory leak?
  • New requirements during the acceptance process?

Software/hardware adaptation

  Interface Performance Transmission route Driver
Traditional DTU COM Second level acquisition 3G/4G --
Industrial gateway COM,TCP,CAN,Bluetooth…… Millisecond acquisition 3G/4G, WAN, Wifi less
Host computer + Configuration Software COM,TCP,(+converter) Millisecond acquisition WAN, Wifi Comprehensive

How to use data well?

  • How to realize the sharing, distribution, analysis, and collaboration of IoT data?
  • How to create value from simple operation and maintenance?
Remote monitoring Remote configuration parameter
Improve manufacturing process Optimized scheduling plan Improve the quality traceability system
  • How to mine the value of massive real-time/historical data?

KingIOBox Function and Characteristics

KingIOBox connects industrial equipment and cloud, sends production data and environmental data to the cloud in real time and
accurately. While sharing data,KingIOBox reduces the computing pressure of cloud platform, parses, judge and filters massive
data in advance, and realizes edge computing.


The software adopts BS architecture, supports data acquisition on Linux system (64 bits), and supports remote browsing on
IE browser.

  • KingIOBox software adopts BS architecture;
  • Support for running management center services on both Windows(64 bit)and Linux(64 bit) systems;
  • Support start-up control and real-time data monitoring through IE browser (LAN) login data terminal;
  • Support remote operation and maintenance by logging in the maintenance center on IE browser (LAN or WAN).
  • Compatible with Linux system (64 bit) for data acquisition;
  • Support for running maintenance center services on Windows (64-bit) system;
  • Support the functions of authorization, project configuration, project deployment, remote operation and maintenance by logging in the management center on IE browser (LAN or WAN);

Various Device Protocol Drivers

KingIOServer is integrated with more 5000 types of device drivers. The device driver includes mainstream PLC, intelligent instrument, intelligent
module, etc. It supports standard protocols such as building, power, Modbus, Ethernet, serial port, GPRS, and
other communication modes.

Various Device Protocol Drivers

Complete data dissemination

Support mqtt protocol forwarding; provide historical data; provide real-time data.

  • Ssl Encryption algorithms, digital certificates
  • Unique ID identification of terminal divice and supporting authorization functions.
Data interaction
  • KingIOBox writes the IP address and port number of the public network of the Data Center into the gateway through the Management Center. After the collection is started, the gateway actively connects to the Data Center and transmits data according to the ciphertext format inside the KingIOBox.
  • The gateway only interacts with the data of the one-way connection (that is, only the gateway connects the data center), and the instructions of other IP addresses are filtered.
Privilege management
  • Management Center and Data Center all have independent user accounts and password management systems. All configuration documents are encrypted and saved.
Log and diagnostic system
  • KingIOBox has detailed system log and fault diagnosis functions. It continuously monitors key threads. Every alarm and unrecognized information will be fully recorded, and can be filtered and exported by level.
Code security audit
  • Each key component of KingIOBox is audited separately through automated testing tools to detect program errors, security vulnerabilities and ‘violations of program specifications.
The management center is completely open to customers, who are free to deploy and modify projects.
  • Such as: adding new equipment and instruments; changing terminal name; changing communication parameters
API data interface
  • Support JAVA calls, data subscription, read/write, and reverse instruction control
Database interface
  • Support MySQL and other relational databases and industrial libraries to share real-time and historical data
  • Support MQTT protocol Forwarding
  • Provide real-time/historical data
  • Support JAVA API interface

Simple and Convenient Data Terminal Management

It can start and stop the collection of data terminals in single or batch, and monitoring the value, quality stamp and time stamp of data terminal

  • Can monitor multiple data terminals at the same time;
  • Can monitor the collection status of devices at a single data terminal (LAN);
  • Can start and stop single or batch data terminal collection;
  • Can monitor the value, quality stamp and time stamp of a single data terminal variable (LAN).

Powerful Remote Operation and Maintenance

Complete and detail log information, easy-to-use initial troubleshooting, secure and easy-to-use
user system.

  • Complete and detailed log information
  • Output and save all process information and debugging information during the use of the software. Log information is divided by modules and levels.
  • Preliminary and easy-to-use fault diagnosis
  • Process log information output by remote configuration.
  • Save process log information remotely
  • Display process log information by data terminal and level
  • Synchronize remote log information to local
  • Preliminary and easy-to-use fault diagnosis
  • Simple and complex fault diagnosis.
  • Supporting simple fault diagnosis for users;Developers and testers can perform detailed fault diagnosis.
  • Robust fault diagnosis function (only debugging personnel)
  • Remote configuration process and debug log output
  • Remote counteraccusation and Debugging Log Information Output
  • Remotely save process and debug log information
  • Display process and debug log information by data terminal, level
  • Synchronize remote log information to local

Simple and Convenient Data Terminal Management

Support process the data collection solution with scattered field, large number of devices and single instance collection points.

  • Low-cost data acquisition, dispersive and lightweight.
  • Supports data acquisition schemes with dispersed processing sites, numerous equipment, and small single instance acquisition points.
Simple and Convenient Data Terminal  Management

Secure and easy-to-use

  • User passwords can be displayed by plaintext or password.
  • User Password Encryption Preservation.
Secure and easy-to-use system

Application of IIoT based on KingIOBox

Application of IIoT based on KingIOBox

Data Value

A Complete WellinTech Solution added in IOBox Data

Data Value

Building industrial internet of things based on KingIOBox

Building industrial internet

KingIOBox case

KingIOBox case

Distributed, fixed industrial production

By building an open data platform with KingIOServer, you can integrate various control systems, remote terminal systems, databas-
es, historical libraries, and other enterprise systems to help enterprises build intelligent monitoring and
management platforms to the maximum extent.

Distributed, fixed industrial production

Remote operation and maintenance platform

Development of Remote Operations and Maintenance Center Based on KingIOBox, comprehensively diagnose the status
of each gateway device, provide customers with the fastest and most complete technical support, and solve on-site
problems in time.

Remote operation and maintenance platform

Product function

  • Project configuration function: To achieve the function of adding, deleting,viewing and modifying the device and tags in the project.
  • Monitoring function: To achieve the function of controlling and monitoring thedata terminal acquisition instance in the acquisition process, and realizes thefunction of resetting the acquisition terminal.
  • Forwarding function: To achieve releasing data (real-time data) to the thirdparty clients, this version supports MQTT forwarding
  • Deployment function: To achieve the function of deploying programs and projects to the box.
  • Authorization management function: The KingIOBox product adopts centralauthorization mode to limit the instance number of data terminals.
  • User management function: Achieve user management of management center, data terminal and maintenance center.
  • Project management function: To achieve the function of building, deleting, modifying, importing, exporting, copying and saving for the project in the management center
  • Acquisition function: To achieve the functions of collecting, reading and writing to mainstream and universal protocol devices and systems
  • Data terminal management function: To achieve the function of data terminal ID assignment, ID binding & cancellation, and finish the function of adding and deleting data terminal.
  • Fault diagnosis function: To achieve the function of diagnosing data terminal acquisition fault, including the primary fault diagnosis function of management center and the fault diagnosis function of maintenance center
  • Watchdog function: Automatically restart the data acquisition terminal when it is stuck or abnormally stops running.

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